Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Project 52 -- Date Night #5

Saturday night Josh and I dropped Susie off at a babysitter, and went to see the new Harry Potter movie together!  While driving in the car, we tried to remember the last time we'd gone to a movie together. . . yep, it was the last Harry Potter movie!  Last summer, when Sus was tiny.  I think it was the first time she'd gone to a babysitter.

Anyway, in an effort to make out date lowish cost (movies are SO EXPENSIVE) we went to the 5:55 show so it still counted as a matinee!  Also, I packed cans of soda in my purse for us (ok, some frown, I know, but we still gave the theater plenty of money).  I did buy us a big popcorn, though.  Some things you just can't replace (at least for us).  We packed sandwiches to eat in the car to save time and money (because the movie started so early).  It was really really fun!  The theater was packed, so I had to lean over to Josh a little since the guy next to me was certainly taking up more than his share of our armrest. :)

I'm guessing we might pull out another movie date night -- the new Narnia movie comes out next month!

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chereemoore said...

hahaha. we always sneak in at least a candy bar and sometimes cokes. we did it one time when my hubby's grandmother was with us - I think she thought we were doing something REALLY BAD.

Anonymous said...

the people at the 38th street theater in Indy would bring combo meals and eat them in line, then unashamedly finish them off in the theater. I will never feel bad about bringing a little candy or a pop again! :) PS did you like the movie? We actually go to see it at the Keystone mall, which has GREAT seats and it gets really dark..:) We went and saw it again the next day in Danville.. erg...oh well! :) I was so scared at the Bathilda Bagshot part, I KNEW what was going to happen, so it was worse! :)


Emma said...

I've been raised by you to bring Candy into the theater so I don't even think anything of it. I ate some amazing candy cane kisses while indulging in HP7 myself. :) I was so freaked at the Bathilda Bagshot part too! She is soooooo scary...
Anywho..Can't wait for Narnia!