Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Project 52 -- Dates 3&4

So I noticed over at Simply Modern Mom, she has some rules for Project 52, that we haven't been very good at abiding by.  For example, you are supposed to do something different at each date, and now we've done 3 movie night dates.  Well, I'm thinking that for us, that rule just might not work too well since we've been having our Friday night dates after Josh gets off work, and a movie is just about all we have energy for!  But, I've decided to put a bit more thought into this week's date, and maybe borrow Tiffany and Nathan's idea from this week.

Here's what we did:

Date #3 Movie night with cookies:  Friday night Josh brought home the new Robin Hood movie after work, and I made cookies for us to munch on.  I thought we would both need a snack to stay awake, but it turned out that I was so into the movie that I could NOT fall asleep.  That was not Josh's problem, though I think he did better than usual, and woke back up near the end.  I filled him in when we went to bed, but I think he was a little drowsy.  He did later point out that "this Robin Hood movie is way more historically accurate.  For one thing, Robin Hood is a human instead of a fox".

Date #4 Bookstore and intern small group:  Saturday night we actually had a babysitter!  We dropped Susie off at our preaching pastor's house.  Our pastor's wife had offered to watch Sus for us sometime, and it kept not working out with our schedule, so we were glad when it did!  According to Diane, she was a good girl the whole time, which was great (you never know with babies -- you could leave a fussy all evening and it be a nightmare for the sitter).  Josh and I first went to Half-Priced books to walk around and look -- it's one of our favorites.  We didn't buy much, but I found an old Golden Book to give Susie for Advent.  After we left there, we had dinner at another one of our pastor's homes and had a great time in small group with their family and another intern's family.  My husband Josh is interning at our church this year, and our discipleship pastor hosts groups of the interns each month.  It was great to go as a couple and just relax and be together knowing Susie was in good hands!  We love our church and are so thankful for the families our hearts are knit with there!

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Emma said...

I laughed out loud when I read Josh's comment about the fox. :) haha.
You guys are sweet.