Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

I haven't blogged in quite a while, and that's because I have been enjoying family time, home time, and holiday time rather than being on the computer as much.  But I did want to say Happy New Year, and share some of my goals for 2011 as well as a few favorite holiday pics.

1. Re-read some really great books, in addition to reading some new ones.  Some of my SILs and I are planning to read Carolyn Mahaney's Feminine Appeal together, which is really exciting.  I always have stacks of books I want to start, but I'm choosing what should rise to the top. 

2. Sewing.  I am the new owner of a sewing machine, thanks to a very generous Christmas gift from a friend!  I have several projects in mind I want to try, but first I'm planning to sort of learn with a few practical things, using fabric I salvaged when I cleaned out my closet.  I also have a little bit of pretty fabric stowed away that I'm excited to get my hands on. :)

3. Home organization.  I would like to really improve in this area.  I think for the past year or two, I've sort of just gotten doing the basics.  I'd like to streamline quite a bit, and clear out closet space, etc.  I know this won't happen overnight, but planning to do a chunk at a time!

Here are a few fun pictures from our Christmas festivities:

Lots of cousin time -- playing piano with Cede
Christmas day -- so fun to explore all the new gifts
Playing in matching jammies on Christmas eve
Little helper ready to bake!
Reading with older cousin "Mack" (as Susie says)
We had several opportunities to enjoy the snow!
Cutie Christmas dress and babylegs


sara's art house said...

Love the tree dress!! Super cute :)

Lynsey said...

Susie looks so cute (and big)! these pictures are great!

carol_an_1 said...

It's 1 am. I have to go to bed. These pictures are priceless! And precious. Didn't realize how much I could, and how easy it would, be, to love children. Guess I just didn't stop long enough to notice. I know you & Josh are wonderful parents. I see 2 little redheads that may be future nursery workers. (And God will smile) G.Ma Carol

Sarah said...

I love her little piggy tails, Gret! She is so adorable.... :-)