Friday, January 28, 2011

Her baby

Sus is a BIG Curious George fan.  She got this big plush George for Christmas, and last week, he was her baby for a couple days.  I tried to follow her around and snap a picture of her mothering him -- feeding him in her high chair, rocking him in the bassinet -- but they kept coming out blurry since she was always on the move.  I caught this cute picture of her coming out of her room, holding her wrapped up "baby" tightly.  I love how you can just barely see the Curious George face enough to tell who it is.

Tomorrow we are going to a local Barnes and Noble to SEE Curious George!  Let's hope she likes meeting him more than she liked meeting Santa Clause. :)  Regardless, I'm sure it will be a fun outing for our family and I plan on letting her pick out a Curious George book to bring home with us.

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Ashley Renee said...

That's so cute. My daughter hasn't quite started to 'mother' her babies. She starts and then gets distracted.

Angee said...

So cute. My daughter loves to play mama to her babies. They even get tummy time :)