Monday, February 21, 2011

Boy Stuff I've Made

Two super awesome blogs that I enjoy reading (MADE and Made by Rae) are featuring a WHOLE month of stuff just for boys.  Many sewing projects and craft blogs are centered around girls, and I have really appreciated all the fun inspiration I've found reading these blogs as well as their archives from last year.  I am a beginner in sewing, to say the least, but in honor of "For the Boy" month, I've worked on a few boy projects for my nephews and my baby-on-the-way.

Here are the pictures of what I've made.  PLEASE keep in mind, I am a beginning sewer. . . which you can tell by my lovely stitchery. :)

 This was my first project -- actually, I only finished it in honor of "For the Boy" month.  I had already done most of the owl.  This was for my nephew Graham, and it's a cheat, because I just used the iron-on stuff (I made it before I got my sewing machine).
 Tie up-cycled from one of my husband's ties (he approved it first!).  It's for a gift, but I will probably make more.  The tutorial on how to make them is right here.  Taken from the archives of last year's "For the Boy" month.
 Drool bib for my baby boy, who is on the way.  I would not give it away because of how poorly it is sewn, but if he's just going to spit up on it, oh well. :)  I was very excited about the THOUGHT behind this bib, but it was really just one major oops after another (not sure if you can tell that there is gingham UNDER the white elephant -- that'd be my first mistake.  Ironed the wrong side down. . . and it went downhill from there).
My SIL Kari found out she is expecting her 3rd boy.  Needless to say, she's well equipped in boy clothes and gear, but to celebrate his special status, I made him a little number bib. 

Finally a picture of Susie playing with her older cousin Max this weekend.  He's not quite 2 years older than her, and she totally thinks he's awesome.  I took them outside for a bit of fresh (and COLD) air and sunshine to run around.  I had them running races down to the shed and back, which of course was just an excuse to make them run fast.  Sus was nonplussed by her losses and kept running after him anyway. :)  I love how Max has that big stick in his hand here. :)  Boys.

I feel like Susie is the kind of little girl who could definitely enjoy having a little brother to play with!


Emma said...

You lie! That elephant bib is darling! :)
You need to make morre stuff for your baby!!!

Lynsey said...

the owl bib is sooo cute!