Monday, February 14, 2011

Scenes from Valentine's Day

We celebrated V-day on Saturday with heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast, cards, presents for Susie, and a VERY fun date night for Josh and I -- eating at Havana Rhumba (YUMMY Cuban restaurant), a little Target (fun) shopping and Pie Kitchen for dessert.  Thankful for our friends from our small group at church who babysat (for free!) so we could go out!

So today was not a huge celebration day (we both worked), but there was still some fun involved.  Here are some pics to outline our Valentine's Day:

1. Fetal echo on our little guy who is growing  and making me grow!  I'm 25 weeks, and he's got a nice normal heart as far as we can tell.  I watched his heart on the ultrasound monitor for almost an hour (the total U/S was longer than an hour), but of course have no pictures of that process.  Here's me right before we left.

Please click on this picture -- I look less chubby when the photo is enlarged.

2. Came home from work to find these framed family pictures on the wall!  What a great Valentine's surprise!  I'd bought the frames and put in pictures a while back, but I'm bad at arranging, and Josh is sort of a perfectionist, so I knew I'd just have to wait for him to have at it.  The Valentine decor was made by me and Sus last week -- she colored the hearts hanging from the light fixture over our table. :)

3. Valentine cards and presents in the mail!  I've been hanging Susie's cards over her bed -- I started this tradition last year, and now I think it's going to be our thing.

4. It was WARM enough to play outside, so as soon as dinner was over, Sus and I headed out.  Our Chinese neighbor met us on the steps and said "Oh, Susie, you have wonnerful hair!"  I think it was the strawberry clips that won him over. :)  Our apartment complex has a big pebble pit where it once housed a swimming pool and Susie loves to play in it.  It's a somewhat cleaner version of a sandbox.

5. Washed the cups in the sink when we came back in.  Susie was soaked and so was the bathroom floor, but WOW was that entertaining.  She "washed" them for 30-45 minutes while I cleaned the tub.  Now that she's big enough to kneel on a chair, this will be a frequent activity.

6. Snuggles, kisses and giggles from my little Bizzy Boo -- she's a pretty sweet Valentine, since I didn't get to see my man much today!  When looking at this picture, she noticed her belly was showing (which she calls "boody") -- haha! 

This is her "cheese" smile

 And, hey this holiday isn't quite over yet!  Josh just texted to say he's bringing home milkshakes!

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Becky said...

I love your blog!! You have a lot of great ideas and thoughts! Thanks for sharing. Playing in water is one of my kids favorites too.

Kari said...

Fun!! Love Susie's little black jacket too :) Your belly is getting so look adorable!

Anonymous said...

Miss sharing these precious moments with you guys...happy valentines time


Emma said...

I'm with Kari, that Jacket that Dad got her is Darling! Sooo cute! I'm glad you had a fun day! :)

Lynsey said...

The pictures on the wall look great!
and that last picture is SO SO cute! (know of any contests to enter?)

Kevin and Becky said...

My favorite part is the comment from your Chinese neighbor. Susie's hair is so chinese! They're all about the pigtails!

Have you ever checked out the I Heart Faces photography contests? They have one every Monday.

Kristi said...

You are the cutest pregnant lady!! I love baby bellies! Such a cute post and great pictures! That Valentine's Day gift is perfect, what a thoughtful guy!

Angee said...

Your bump looks great. We "wash" things over here a lot too. It makes her so happy to play in the water.