Friday, April 13, 2007

Feeling Like Spring

I am so excited for spring this year. I think it's because we got a little taste of it, and then winter came back, making us appreciate what we had!

Last weekend we spent in Illinois with my family -- which was wonderful (that is me with my sister Emily). I dug out our stored away summer clothes and boxed up the winter sweaters while we were there, glad for the extra organization I had put into storing all those summer skirts and dresses (each one on its own hanger, hardly folded in a huge rubbermaid container -- it was priceless to simply lift them out and hang them up).

Now I am getting all inspired. Pretty soon I will be down to just one full-time job, so I am turning my focus to my other full-time job -- being a keeper of my home. This article from Girl Talk (and the subsequent articles following about organization) inspired me to jump right in and make it beautiful here! Holla back if you just LOVE getting everything ship-shape in the spring!


katydidsmiles said...

Spring cleaning is such a wonderful thing! I was just looking around my little apartment today thinking that very thing. Of course, it was get up and get organized or go out and have lunch with my parents. Since my parents come from out of town, it was easy to shirk house responsibilities :) But hearing about it from others always renews the excitement! :) Thanks for the reminder!

katydidsmiles said...

ps do you really read 24/7? What kind of job do you have that allows that? :)

sara said...

I know how you feel- spring is in the air! I feel like having a huge yardsale and getting rid of everything except the necessities...and then painting each wall a new color!

You and your sister look cute in your spring clothes!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the cute picture! :)

Spring does make you feel like cleaning! For the past three years, we've been doing garage sales with our boys, getting rid of outgrown clothes and toys. We participate in the citywide sale and get organized while making a few bucks for the summer. It's great motivation to get us spring cleaning every year!

Paul Fuller said...

We're so excited as well about the spring! I'm sitting outside right now watching the girls bicyling on the driveway, basking in the sun, and begging me to wear short sleeves! Crazy kids!

Thanks for the post yesterday... we're excited as well about the move. Hopefully God will move this house sale along quickly... another showing today-Praise the Lord!

Gretchen said...

Katydid -- Hi, nice to meet you! Are you here in Louisville, possibly at SBTS? I'm not sure how I know you, otherwise. I see you have met my friend Theologian Kevin as well. As for the reading, it's just an expression. When I began my blog I worked at a children's bookstore (linked in my last post about read-alouds) and I did indeed read QUITE a lot of the day. I was also attempting to read 100 books I'd never read before last year, which I did. These days I read a couple books a month or so-- but I have been much better in the Bible reading department! :)

Sara and Morning Rose -- thanks for the compliment! My sis Emily is feminine perfection. She's a treasure.

Paul (or Audrea?) -- wish it were warm like that here! It's been POURING all day! Kind of peaceful, though, you know?

GloryandGrace said...

Oh the spring...I won't go into a long, drawn out reflection on how much I love it, but yes, I LOVE it!!

I've tried calling your cell the past couple of days since I missed your call on Wednesday, and it went straight to voicemail each time... I hope you're enjoying your weekend (which I'm assuming is being spent inside since it's so gloomy today). Talk soon!!

Steph said...

It SNOWED here today. Can you believe it? Oh, I am going to be SOOOOOOO thankful when spring decides to come back. My computer says it is 37 degrees out. I have to figure out what sweater the boys are wearing tomorrow to church...

Donette said...

Gret, I am SO EXCITED about the NA conference next month! You can totally hang with my friend Laura and I. Drop me an email at (my generic email address) and we can start making plans!

Anonymous said...

I love spring so much!!
Thank you for outting up a picture of us...I really like it!

katydidsmiles said...

Hiya Gretchen,
Not at SBTS though I've heard great things about it. I'll be at DTS or Reformed Seminary here in Dallas in the fall, Lord willing.
We established I'm a friend of Johanna's and since I love reading other's thoughts . .hehe, I stumbled onto your blog and I think to you hubby Josh's blog, and theologian Kevin and today I found Glory and Grace. That sounds fun, no? I found Glory and Grace.
It's nice to "meet you" Gretchen. I've heard wonderful things via Miss Johanna. :)