Saturday, April 21, 2007

Good Times Weekend

So far, the less than 24 hours this weekend has been so far, we have had quite a good time. Last night, some of us had a hankering for some Krispie Kremes, and even our friends Shane and Lana were persuaded to bring their 2 girls out in their jammies to snarf up some fried goodness (Krispie Kremes taste so much BETTER at midnight!).

Thanks to Kevin
for photo-journaling the whole event. My favorite pictures are the ones he took through the donut hole. It's such a lovely frame for the photo.

This last picture is me teaching Shane's older daughter to do my signature "scary face". My sister and I have done that one since I was about 8 and invented it. We used to give each other nightmares!

Then today, Josh and I drove up to meet our former youth group to watch them participate in the regional Teens Involved Competition. It was so encouraging to be with them all, and to see them excel! My sister Nancy did a fantastic job on her special presentation (sort of a dramatic monologue). She was very well prepared, and she is gifted in public speaking. Not being shy at all has its merits! Unfortunately, my camera batteries ran out before Nancy's presentation.

I uploaded the videos of my other 2 littl
e sisters singing their solos. I was so happy with their song choices, and I just love hearing their beautiful sweet voices. Mostly, I was thinking I wanted Christen to hear what they sang, but anyone is welcome to watch my little videos here!

My favorite part of the competition, however, was the drama that the senior high team put on. I adapted John Piper's poem "The Innkeeper" to be done as a reader's theatre last Christmas, and it turned out very well. I was trying to tape their performance today, and that is when my batteries died (sorry Nanc!). I will just say that is was the best they had done it, very dramatic and rich with meaning.

Finally, Josh and I topped off the evening by watching "Thunder over Louisville" fireworks on the rooftop of Ray Parella's (Italian Restaurant where Josh works). It was lots of fun. You could see the skyline of Louisville in the distance, and the fireworks were quite lovely.

How much fun can one weekend handle?


mitchells2000 said...

Wasn't Thunder Over Louisville SWEET?!??! We were actually down there with a group from our church/college between the 2nd ST. bridge and the railroad drawbridge on the KY side. We had a good time and the fireworks were awesome! Got some great pics... you'll have to check my blog when I get a chance to post them (they're downloading from my camera as I write!)

Kevin Foflygen said...

I shoulda hung out with you guys at Ray's. Danny and I walked an hour to get to the water front, and right when we got there he wanted to leave, so we walked an hour back to my van. I figured I could still catch the show, so I dropped him off and drove down to River Road, which apparently was not far enough from the action -- traffic was all jammed up. I just got home a few minutes ago after being out for FOUR hours and seeing NO fireworks. Needless to say, I'm staying far away from Thunder next year.

Did Josh tell you I ate at Ray's? The ravioli was magnifico! (especially for what he charged me). I guess that made up for the Thunder fiasco.

sara said...

I love the donut hole frames too! Very cute!

Anonymous said...
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BSB said...

tbwxqAbout the only way to make a weekend better is to see a couple of your "kids" that you miss really badly sometimes and get to give them a good tight squeeze. I also enjoyed the pics of my girls.All of my kids are great.
Spending Sunday morning praising our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is a great way to top it all off.
much love,BSB

GloryandGrace said...

Oh, we missed you guys at Thunder, but I'm glad you still got to see the fireworks!!!

I thought of you tonight at my small group - one of the ladies gave a biographical sketch of Amy Charmichael at the women's fellowship last night, so we were talking about how that went. She informed that she discovered an even BETTER biography than the one Elisabeth Elliot wrote. Could it be??? I don't know, but I just may have to find it and see for myself. She said there are some good details and gaps that got filled in.

I want to see you soon!! I'm so glad you had a good weekend - your sisters do have sweet voices :)

Grace and peace~

Gretchen said...

Heather -- I can only imagine how amazing the fireworks must have been close up. We had a pretty good view from the roof, but we couldn't even hear them at all.

Kev -- yes, it was quite fun, and pretty easy to get out of there, too. Josh told me you came in alone and got some free dinner that way. Shoulda told me, I'da come! Might not have been free then, though.

sar -- always pointing out the artsy, aren't you!

Jenn -- That is EXACTLY how I felt about his sermon. Seriously, it was so great. What an appropriate subject for us to think on.

Mom, it was so good to see you too! This Sunday was quite amazing at our church. all 3 services (counting SS) were simply wonderful. The only drawback was, we thought we were going to join tonight! Next time, I guess.

Grace -- did you guys have fun at Thunder? It was quite romantic for us up on the roof. Thanks for telling me that about my sistahs. I am very proud of them. I only wish you could have seen the drama. Come see me in the bookstore soon and get your birthday present!

GloryandGrace said...

Walked away from the store today and realized that I don't know when YOUR birthday is :)

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing mom already gave you the 411 on TI yesturday, but here's something new...they don't know what the deal is, but somehow the sheet that has all of the qualifiers on it, had everyone on it...everyone, even the people who didn't we don't know what's up...either, they forgot to call our names and we really did qualify (we hope that's what happened) or there was some mistake and they didn't put the right names on the our fingers are still crossed...
I did get honerable mention for my solo though and the most inportant thing to me was our drama and it passed so that was good. I just wish I could do it again...maybe someday I can, I guess. You never know.
I'm a little embarrassed by having my song on's always weird to hear a recording of one's self...:)At the same time I'm flattered though..;)
I love you sister!
PS...I didn't get a chance to talk to Mandi...sorry...I don't think she was there.

Gretchen said...

Grace -- July 26th. I'll be 29 for real.

Emma -- no, I didn't know that. I was UTTERLY thrilled about the drama, but not surprised because it was SO unbelievably GOOD! I think you all SHOULD do it again in church. Have you done it for church since Christmas? You should ask Dad if you can. I talked to Mandy tonight. I am SO excited about this SUMMER!

GloryandGrace said...

What a great day for a birthday! PandaMom's hubby has the same birthday!

Donette said...

"In Christ Alone" is a great, great song. We sang it on Easter morning at our church and I think we could sing it every week and I wouldn't get tired of it. I enjoyed hearing your sister sing it!
We took a little overnight trip to a waterpark this weekend and I, too, enjoyed some Krispie Kremes for breakfast. I don't allow myself to eat doughnuts very often because I can have a somewhat unhealthy affection for them
(think Homer Simpson). In fact, as I type this, I am drinking my afternoon coffee and quietly mourning my lack of another one to enjoy. Oh well, maybe we'll make it there with you next month!

James and Christen said...

Your sisters sangs such beautiful, God honoring songs! They are probably my two favorites! Thanks for sharing them with all of us!