Thursday, April 19, 2007

Who wants to come?

This is a flier for the project I made for my Leadership class. It is a fun idea, but some of the info is sort of projected into the future.

Around the World in 18 Hours

A refreshing and inspiring get-away for Women

Calling ladies of all ages! Want to travel the world, experience new cultures and grow in unity with other women as you worship the God of all nations together? Then plan to attend “Around the World in 18 Hours”, an interactive, God-centered, and culturally-enlightened ladies retreat. See Gretchen Neisler to buy your passport right away!

Retreat speakers:

Misty Ferguson has worked internationally in China, Russia and most recently, Spain, where she teaches English and reaches out to Muslim immigrants from North Africa. Misty’s heart is for women and understanding world cultures. She loves art, music and food from around the world, children, coffee and used bookstores.

Julie Gunter serves with her husband Scott and twin daughters among Hindu peoples. She loves women and children and living like Christ among other cultures. She has traveled in East Asia extensively. She delights in being a mother and wife, and enjoys healthy living.

Christen Taylor is a 3rd generation missionary. She and her husband James, and their 3 children Daniel, Hannah and Jeremiah serve in Florianopolis, Brazil. Christen loves the Brazilian people and culture – including soccer! Christen will be our worship leader for the retreat.


Anonymous said...

Too bad that your women's lecture series or whatever isn't real...I was ready to sign up!

Had to work the polls Tues. and nearly missed Miss Precious' party. She really liked her cake...she's a Benzing girl.

GloryandGrace said...

You toot-nanny! - I thought it was for real, too, and was going to ask you when the dates are and where it's going to be!!

Johanna said...

Sign me up! :D

Anonymous said...

man I wanted it to be real too....well someday if you ever have it maybe I can speak never know...:)
PS..That was funny what mom said about Cede being a Benzing girl because she likes cake..I really did Laugh Out Loud..:)

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or do you think Julie and Gretchen look a lot alike? :)

Kevin Foflygen said...

I put up the Krispy Kreme pics. The album's called "Kremee Krisp". They turned out well.

Gretchen said...

MR -- several people have said that, but actually in real life we don't look alike at all. We used to more, when Julie had really long hair, also. But our faces are pretty different.

Kev -- YEP they were good. I swiped them off ya. And then I started thinking that I took home the leftovers when the blueberry one was yours, and you PAID! Do you want it? Cuz you can have it.

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

Hey! I know Misty Fergeson. We went to the same college. Small world!