Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dr. Mohler Steals the Show at SWI Spring Celebration

I've sung Mrs. Mohler's accolades before. But she has amazed me yet again tonight with her fabulous Spring Celebration she throws every year to honor the Seminary Wives Institute participants. Her hospitality class hosts the event (I will be taking that class as soon as possible!) and made it a truly top notch evening with delicious food (including a chocolate fountain), gorgeous decor (everything in hot pink and black, including Mrs. Mohler) and an abundance of prizes to give away! The show-stopper, though, was the radio melodrama Dr. Mohler wrote and performed -- a parody of the show "Desperate Housewives" -- yes, it was:

"Desperate Seminary Housewives!"*

After the laughter died down, and the giveaways were about to commence, a bit of a scream went up in the audience (not unlike the sound made by fans at a Beatles concert), and Southern's own rock star swept through the crowd tie-less and grinning from ear to ear. He headed straight for his wife, and there in front of us all, Dr. Mohler kissed Mrs. Mohler.


Afterwards, I was able to chase Mrs. Mohler down and get a picture with her!
You'll notice I am holding my planner. I did in fact show Mrs. Mohler my planner and told her she inspired me to get organized. She so congenially told me that she was proud of me (and that she liked the green)! How sweet!

I also had my picture taken with my teacher, Mrs. Hatfield, who taught our Leadership II class. Mrs. Hatfield insists that she has no talents or giftings except just being a nice person. I would reply that that seems to be an exceptional gift! She so sweetly remembered details about the lives of so many of the girls in her class (for example, asking me tonight how my visit with James and Christen was). Now that's a g
ift I need more of!

* The drama "The Case of the Missing Husband" portrayed desperate seminary wives who did not ever see their husbands due to excessive studying in the library or taking too many hard classes. One wife lamented to her husband "before you see your child again, he may be walking. . . he may be talking . . . he may be tempted by Arminianism!"

**Edit: Check back in case I am able to upload some pictures of Dr. Mohler's appearance as well as the audio of his performance.**


GloryandGrace said...

I would LOVE to go to the outlets with you, but this weekend is going to be extremely packed with studying for my finals. The spa party is a possibility, but not the outlets tomorrow... are you available next Saturday??? (Please say yes, please say yes...)

Smoothie King said...

It's always good to take the organization up a notch! The green does fit you very well!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time! It's wonderful to enjoy our sense of humor with other Christians. We had a special visitor at a church bridal shower recently who left everyone in stitches. :)

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with your post (though it was very interesting) but I wanted to ask you, have you ever read, "Horseradish" by Lemony Snicket? is so funny, you would love it!, just to give you a taste, I'll tell you what it sayd on the back of the book.

"Life is a turbulant journey. fraught with confusion. heartbreak. and inconvenience.
This book will not help."..:D

oh man you should get it.


Gretchen said...

Grace -- as you know, the outlets have been visited. . .

Smoothie King -- Why, thank you!

Morning Rose -- I agree!

Emma -- YES! I found that book at a little independent store here after I took Josh to work. I sat there and laughed LOUDLY in the kids section, and wished I could memorize each page. That is where I stole the quote I used in the post "A friend is like a good book" that I wrote when James and Christen were here. Scroll down through my old posts to find it above the picture of Hannah and I by the rooster painting.