Sunday, May 13, 2007


Love ya, Mum (Marjalo, Mahatamuta, Mother-dear, Queen Mum)!

4 of the daughters with my mom at a Mother/Daughter brunch (shame on the sissy who didn't show!) My mom should have won the prize for most daughters. Anybody else got 5??


GloryandGrace said...

What a great picture! I hope you had a wonderful time with her and your sisters~

Anonymous said...

A family in our church has five daughters. Their names all start with "A."

Johanna said...

That's a great pic of you girls.

Guess what!??!?! I'm going on a road trip to see my friend this weekend! I'm so excited! I love road trips! :D

Sarah said...

Gret, I'm glad you got to celebrate Mom's Day with your mom! And I must say I am glad I do not have 5 offense but I don't think I could handle that much girliness around. :-) God bless your mother for doing it!

I AM jealous that you will get G-knee more, but I am also glad that there is someone in L-ville to help her feel at home. You four will have a blast (I am jealous of that also...) But a "good jealous" of course!

Gretchen said...

Grace -- thank you, I love my sweet family.

MR -- that must be difficult not to mix up their names. There is no theme for us, just names Mom thought were pretty. Gretchen, Anna, Emily, Abby (Nancy is adopted, but Mom chose her middle name -- Faith).

Johannie -- WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?? HOORAY! I'll start lining up some boys. . . just kidding!

Sar -- I knew you'd be happy for us, not REALLY jealous! That's what I meant. As for the 5 girls, I think my mom is one of the most girly! And she had a boy FIRST. So he made us tomboyish. . . to a certain degree (some of us more than others. . . not so much with Emily)! We got beat up and learned how to build forts and fish and play G.I. Joes and tag along with him and his friends, so at least Anna and I are more well-rounded. :)

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

My parents have five girls...and four boys! :-)

Anonymous said...

yep...shame on her, though she did come over yesturday, so that was good. Just have to say, it's sad how enormous I look in that picture I guess Nancy didn't get the memo about the around the waist thingy. ;)
I miss you guys already!

Anonymous said...

PS--mom actually did win the prize for not only most daughters, but most children...Susan should have been

Anonymous said...

Missy's comment reminded me that my husband has 5 sisters AND 6 brothers!

Gretchen said...

Missy and MR -- WOAH! Wowzers!

Em -- enormous -- WHATEVER! You are gorgeous. And you and Abby look alike with the reddish hair. You stole my mini-me! :) Yeah, we need to instruct Nanc in all things pose-ish.

Hindto said...

My husbands brother has 5 girls. All white blondies.....We are wowed by them all! How special! What a special day for your mom!

I hear it was Michal (Evan's mom) that you spoke with last week!

Hugs my friend!

Anonymous said...

um, I had to work. :( Anyway all you girls look so pretty and Mom deserves to win the prize for most daughters. She is probably one of the most NORMAL moms who have lots of kids. No naming them all with the same letter name, or anything. She's the best! :) Anna