Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sum-sum-sumah time . . .

It's the time of year that everyone asks everyone else what their plans for the summer are. Just a few weeks ago, I would have answered "I'll be doing just what I'm doing now!", with not a small pang of sadness.

But. . .

Bless the Lord; He made an alteration to the plan I had resigned myself to! Just a couple months ago, I wrote this expressing my disappointment that I would not be able to work at Camp OUTT again this summer. Camp OUTT is a daycamp I ran at my old church a couple of summers -- and it was SUCH a wonderful ministry. It is an outreach for people who need child care in the community, and what a perfect opportunity for building relationships with unchurched children and their families! You can read what I wrote about Camp OUTT last year here and here. I have some of the best memories of my life of those weeks.

And this summer we get to do it again! I can hardly contain my excitement. It is so much more blissful because the Lord took me through a time when I had to die to that hope, and give it up to Him, saying "Your will, Lord, not mine". That is just like Him to ask me to give something to Him just so He can hand it right back to me!

Please pray for Camp OUTT in these ways:
  1. For open, searching, needy kids to be signed up, and their hearts prepared to hear the gospel.
  2. For my friend Mandy, who is coordinating everything for me in Illinois, and expecting twins! (pictured at right -- Mandy, not the twins)
  3. For our team to be united, and everybody pitch in to get things ready.


Sandy said...

squeal!!! is it true! I am so excited for you, I know that you couldn't bear to be inside all summer, and Mandy can definitely use you!

sara said...

YAH! I know you will have so much fun! I would love to see you in action....who knows maybe you will teach my kids someday!!!

GloryandGrace said...

How exciting for you!!! What's the timeframe for when you'll be gone?

Julie said...

Are you really coming home for awhile? Boy do I miss you. Maybe you can squeeze some HP planning time in with me. I really need your help. I haven't got to much together yet. PANIC Also I ordered you books they'll be here for you this weekend. See ya soon.

Gretchen said...

Sandy -- thanks for being excited for me. You are too SWEET!

Sara -- teach your kids? That would be ONLY too fun!

Grace -- we'll be gone the last 2 weeks of July. Three weekends.

Jules -- yeah, I'll be by on Friday, and I can prolly hang about a while. I'd be happy to help with some more planning. BTW, the website looks FAB! Thanks so much for the books. I have some more for you to order for me, but they're no big rush, so I'll just tell you then.

Hindto said...'ve totally piqued my interest. How does this operate? Is it like VBS but more long term? Do you charge? Is your help volunteer? What an amaing ministry. From your writing I've gathered that you LOVE kids. I will be praying for this ministry Gretchen! Praising God for opening doors!

Molly Carlisle said...

Gret, I know you look up to all these godly women as examples, but I want you to know that when I read your blog, I see YOU that way ... you're an encouragement to me. :)

Gretchen said...

Karen, thanks so much for offering to pray for Camp OUTT. I think I need to write a post to more thoroughly answer your question. Just too long to write in a comment! Someone that you know from your church was visiting campus this weekend and I found out she knew you! That's all I'll say, but you'll be getting a "hi" from me!

Szyd -- I am utterly humbled by your kind words. I teared up a minute there. You are a sweetheart! How's life in the big city?

Molly Carlisle said...

It's funny because I don't really live in "the big city." I'm not far from D.C. yet I'm in a rural area...

1. I saw 2 deer in my front yard yesterday.
2. There's a goat that lives down the road.
3. A farm with horses borders the school property where I teach.
4. I was walking my neighbor's dog last week and saw a pretty orange fox.

So yeah, life in the BIG CITY is ... well, I live in hicksville! :)

But it's going great. God has been showing me a LOT lately.

Blair said...

Hmmmmmmmm....trying to figure out who that was.....all I know that went to Louisville this weekend was two of our pastors wives to pick up on of their sons who attends Boyce.....Im curious...Who?

Rachel Amunrud said...

Yay! I am excited for you!