Saturday, June 16, 2007

Romantic Musings

A beautiful couple at our church got married today, and I sneaked into the wedding with a friend of mine. It was amazing. Many of the guests had African roots -- or really were from Africa -- and were adorned in breathtaking apparel: fantastic headdresses, intricate gowns bedecked with unique embroidery, lace and sparkles, men with flowing shirts that were almost cape-like. The couple had chosen wonderful congregational worship songs, and multiple scripture readings making the entire service a delightful reflection of Christ's union with the church.

I feel as though weddings like these are so very romantic. I love them. I've been in a romantic mood all day.

So for your reading enjoyment, I have chosen a favorite romantic excerpt from a book I am currently reading. This passage in The Witch of Blackbird Pond takes place where the young Puritan Theology student confesses to Kit (the heroine) his secret love for her cousin Mercy, who is crippled. John's sensitive declaration is just heart-wrenching.

"Slowly she began to realize what he had said. 'John! Why should you want to talk to Mercy?'

"His eyes twinkled. 'Why do you think I come so often?'

"'But I thought -- we all thought -- I mean --'

"It has always been Mercy, from the very beginning. Didn't you guess that?'

"'Oh John!'

"'I'm glad you approve,' he said 'Do you think I have a chance, Kit?'

"'A chance! Just you try! Oh John, I'm so happy I could dance a jig!'

"'I can't try yet,' he reminded her soberly. 'I have nothing to offer her, nothing at all.'

"'You'll have a church of your own some day. Only -- could Mercy -- do you think she could manage a minister's household? There are so many things Mercy can't do, John.'

"'Then I will do them for her,' he said quietly. 'I don't want a wife to wait on me. For Mercy just to be what she is -- I could never do enough to make up for it.'"


Sarah said...

That is so sweet! :-) And so weird that you quoted from that book---it is one that I have been thinking of reading. (I have never read it before!)
I love summertime--all of the weddings going on, which are fun whether you know the people or not. :-)

Josh said...

Sar -- I would HIGHLY recommend that book. It is great for lots of reasons. Someone gave it to me when I was like 10, and then a couple summers ago, I looked at it, and it seemed like something I'd like now. Not really my type of book when I was a kid, but it is now.

I did know the people getting married -- they are in choir with Josh and me. But we weren't technically invited. Lots of room in the balcony, though! Which is a great view! (we forwent the reception, because that just seemed rude!) :)

Josh said...

P.S. That was Gretchen, actually

Emily said...

Beautiful. Love is the best in it's purest form like that. When it tottally gives it's entire self over, wanting nothing in return. When the beauty of something is so grand to it, that that thing need only to exsist. It's great.

Emily said...

woah...Josh was on at the same time as me...anyway, I forgot to say, check out my new post.

Emily said...

I mean, Gretchen was on at the same time as me...phahaha!...woops..

Emily said...

ok..sorry I keep posting...but I thought of a really good romantic moment from The Voyage of The Dawn Treader:

"What are we to do about the Sleepers?" asked Caspian. "In the world from which my friends come (here he nodded at Eustace and the Pevensies)"they have a story of a prince or a king coming to a castle where all the people lay in an enchanted sleep. In that story, he could not disolve the enchantment untill he had kissed the princess."

"But here," said the girl, "It is different. Here he cannot kiss the princess untill he has dissolved the enchantment."

"Then," said Caspian "In the name of Aslan, show me how to set about the work at once."

How cute is that?!...ok maybe not so romantical, but still darling!

Gretchen said...

Em, you're totally right! That is one of the best lines ever! I just love that book. Did I tell you I am helping with the kids on Wednesday nights and we are doing Narnia? The first week, I read and so I dressed up like Susan. It was great. I'm trying to think of a good costume for the next time I read. Kind of hard in the summer because the air conditioning is lacking up on the 3rd floor.