Monday, June 04, 2007

Summer Evening

My friend Misty is visiting us right now, and we decided to grill out tonight (at the last minute, due to the weirdness of today's weather). Kevin knew of a huge pavilion where we'd be safe from sudden rain showers, if they were to arise again, so we set out, armed with enough gorgeous fresh summery food to feed an army.

We fixed veggie kabobs, asparagus, hamburgers, cottage cheese salad, strawberry shortcake, and the yummiest of all -- pineapple on the grill! Don't those kabobs look lovely?

Check out the look on Misty and Kevin's faces as they discuss how they truly feel about eating meat. I have to say they mirror my own feelings.

Heather and I pose for a self-shot (Heather is a friend I worked with . . . until this past Friday!). She ditched me for a better job, so I am currently looking for a fun single female to work with. . . must be able to put up with a lot and take my part on everything (girls stick together, right?).

Brady proves he does not care for asparagus (yeah right, he ate a load of it!). He is our friend from church -- lots of fun, and funny and single!

Misty shows us how to smoke your asparagus. It was so wonderful on the grill! Little summer tip if you want a healthy dish to grill out! Brush with e.v.o.o. and season a bit -- viola!

Here is a shot of my plate. Don't worry, I didn't eat a hamburger -- that is roasted veggies on a grilled ciabatta bun. The whole plated effect was rather artful, I felt. The colors and tastes of the evening were so vibrant and fresh. Josh and Brady discussed their summer school classes, Heather, Misty and I took a walk and played on the playground -- how summery can you get?


GloryandGrace said...

Ooh, I LOVE kabobs!

How much does the job pay? Haha, not that I'm looking for a new one by ANY means, but it never hurts to ask ;)

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, the kabobs look great! We love to cookout in the summertime. On Saturday we grilled for 50 people at my 10-year-old's birthday party. Our Pastor preached on feeding the multitude on Sunday, and we could relate! We also cooked out last night after church softball. Everything tasted so good. :)

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

You're making me hungry! ;-)

sara said...

That all looks so YUMMY! Please post some of your fave veg recipes. I would love to eat more of that. Or maybe you have posted some already?

Kevin Foflygen said...

Thanks for the BBQ, Gretchen. The veggy skewers were so good, you'd think they had meat in them. And the Pineapple excelled in scrumptiosity. I hope I didn't go too far egging Misty on. Tell her I apologize if I offended her.

Gretchen said...

Grace -- I believe $7.15 an hour. Not a WHOLE lot. . . I certainly don't think it hurts to ask! I would LOVE to work with you!

MR -- totally feeding of the 5000!

Missy -- I know, these pictures are like reading a Rachel Ray magazine

Sara -- I will make a mental note to do just that

Kev -- we shall talk . . . the pineapple is amazing, isn't it?

GloryandGrace said...

When are we going to meet to exchange books and catch up???? I haven't talked to you in


Sarah said...

Gret, you can come to my house and make a grilled veggie ciabatta any time you want......that is my fave bread! My mother-in-law gets it day-old from Panera for me all the time. I love it!
Your bbq looked so fun. And yummy! Tell Misty I think she looks fabulous. I think she has lost weight since I met her--maybe not, but she is so adorable. Glad you could spend time with her.
And I can hardly wait for everyone to see pics of your wedding! :-)

Emily said...

I love summer, and really couldn't love it more...
We had a really summery week this week too, on Saturday we swam at Bailie's all afternoon and then we ordered pizza and played vollyball, and then it rained really hard so we went in and played dutch blitz untill our parents all made us go home and sleep...;) Then everyday this week we've been working on stuff for the summer program...and a ton of people were at the church because their all earning their camp scholorships...:)...Last night we went to the softball game and I played like all day yesturday with Lydia and's just so fun!
I love summer!