Saturday, June 02, 2007

Six Years for Josh and Gret

How does something seem long and short at the same time? On one hand, I cannot believe that I have been married for six whole years -- it seems like I am too young for that to be possible! On the other hand, I'm having difficulty remembering what it was like before we got married, and six years doesn't seem long enough!

Today is our six-year anniversary. Josh works weekends, so we decided to go out for breakfast this morn
ing to celebrate. I really love simple celebrations. We went to The Blue Dog Cafe and Artisan Bakery here in our neighborhood. YUM! I had dreamed of the poached eggs with piperade ever since last September when we came to Louisville to visit, and ate at the Blue Dog with our college friend Kevin McFadden. Josh also enjoyed this unique breakfast dish along with cups and cups and cups of their good strong Italian coffee. Do you ever just really really like a very small thing? Today I was just loving the creamer they served with the coffee. I don't even usually use cream, but it was just so white and cold and it was served in this little stone creamer, that we used the whole pitcher up. I think the Lord was just blessing us with an extra measure of pleasure on this day, and even the coffee creamer seemed extra-ordinarily good.

After breakfast we walked down Franklin avenue, enjoying the warm morning. We went to the Farmer's market in the parking lot of a church, and then headed back home.

Here is a picture of what we gave ourselves as an anniversary present! An air conditioner, YEA! Now people who come to visit will not be roasted to shrivelines and killed to death. :) Truly, f
or us to be able to show any hospitality at all this summer, another air conditioning unit was completely essential. It is nice and cool in the living room as I type this! Thank you, Jesus!

I am so thankful for my sweet, patient husband who has a hunger for God and a love for His word and His people. Our marriage has improved so much over these past years (which is so funny, because when we got married, I kind of thought we hit the high point! So take heart, my newly-wed, or unwed friends . . . it just keeps getting better.) Donette and I discussed that over our falafel at Shiraz the other day -- personal sanctification is the reason our marriages are so much better NOW than at the beginning! It's just Jesus and His grace!


Anonymous said...

Happy 6th Anniversary! My hubby and I are going on 15 years this July, and it is definitely hard to believe (that I'm so old)! ;) I agree that marriage can improve over time if we are surrendered to the Lord.

megan said...

Happy Anniversary ! Time does fly. I can't believe Ryan and I have been married almost 9 years with 2 (almost 3) kids!! You and Josh make such a great couple.

sara said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!! He looks like such a nice guy....maybe I will get to see you both in person one day...if I ever go to alumni days or something!!?!?! Do you ever go to those things?

GloryandGrace said...

I hope you got my voicemail (although I didn't know it was your anniversary today, heehee). Wow, after just finishing Stepping Heavenward and then reading your blog entry tonight, I reminded of just how true your words are -- to me, your unmarried friend, such words reflect the reality of relationships being all about our sanctification. And just think, not only are we in the process of being sanctified, but we get to share in this crazy, undeserved joy of being instrumental in another's sanctification!! That other person whom we feel so undeserving of and who shows godly manhood and Christ-like leadership (which SO often manifests itself through patience).

I love you sister, and I hope you two enjoy the rest of your anniversary weekend!!!

MadMup said...

Happy anniversary, you guys!

I maintain to this day that yours is the neatest wedding I've ever been to.

Gretchen said...

Morning Rose -- WOW! 15 years is amazing!

Meg -- I forgot that you guys have been married so much longer than us. I hope that by the 9 year marker kiddos might be on the horizon! :)

Sar -- yes, we do go to Alumni days pretty often (not last year, sadly). We hope to go perhaps this year. Will you be there with Dave and the cute kiddies?

Grace -- I got your voicemail, and I am so glad you liked it! I knew you would. We had a very lovely anniversary together!

Mup -- wow, THANKS! I think it was, too, but I'm probably pretty partial. :) I haven't been to one quite like it SINCE, at least!

mitchells2000 said...

Congrats on 6 years. Unfortunately in this crazy world of ours, that is a major accomplishment. Chris and I will soon be celebrating our 7th... I can't imagine (and don't care to remember) what life was like/would be like without him! I highly recommend a marriage of three... man, woman, and of course, the MOST IMPORTANT ONE... Jesus Christ!

Sarah said...

Gret (and Josh!),
Congrats on six years together! I was just thinking of you guys yesterday, as it is our 6 yr. in July also. I am still angry that I had to miss your wedding....!
I am so glad you two were able to enjoy breakfast together. I agree that the simple times are the best--and often the cheapest. :-)

Sarah said...

P.S. I wish you and your Josh had been here over Memorial Day. Can you imagine the fun that the 6 of us would have?!
And tell Josh that he will have to come visit Big E sometime--she may be adorable, but her personality does not always match her looks.:-)
No, she is a cutie and growing up very fast.

Anonymous said...
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Donette said...

Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids! We are on our way to 8 years this August, and I completely agree with your assessment of long and short amount of time.
I am interested in the comments about your wedding? What made it so unique? Possibly you could post about it? I would love to see pictures!

Dawn said...

I'm with Donette...why was your wedding so tell?!!

Joel and I will celebrate 7 years on the 24th. We both have certainly changed since our wedding. Thanks for a great post!

Anonymous said...

You can barely remember a time before Josh?...I most definitly can't!...He's been around since I was...what..we decided, I was eight?...gosh..more then half of my life!...I can't imagine life without him...I don't think of him as in in-law but as a brother, and a super good friend. He always makes me feel intelligent when I talk to him, like what I say matters...that's a huge talent.
I love him and you so much...and I was so happy on that day six years ago...(even if I made a huge mistake by growing out my bangs at the same time as the wedding)..
-emma more thing.."Pa-Roove it!...bear.";)

akfuller said...

Blessings on your anniversary! I so would have liked to be down there to wish you Happy Anniversary in person, but we'll continue to wait on God for His always perfect timing! Keep the air conditioner ready!

Love, Audrea Fuller

Anonymous said...

PS--I am jealous of you because Misty is there right now...I wish I was.

Anonymous said...

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I have to sign anonymous still because of some technical difficulties..sorry.

Emily said...

obviously I meant me....sorry.

Kelley said...

Hey guys, congrats on 6 years! :) I can't believe its been 6 years already either!!! :)

The Blue Dog...doesn't that have cute little window seats on both sides? I think Kevin took me there a couple times too.

Name: Karen said...

I too am quite curious about your wedding!

Congrats on your anniversary! After being married, going on 14 years, I've lost some of that (well, lots of it) zeal and excitement of being married and fallen prey to the doldrums of keeping track of 4 overly active kids, schooling them, serving in the church and being a wife.(not so much that order)

Thank you for letting me read of your excitement! It was a great reminder.

Oh, Tayler (my 10 yr.old book addict) loved The Penderwicks! Thanks for the recommendation! She asked me to tell you thank you. She said, "tell your blog friend thanks" She also read the 100 dresses and liked it. She didn't care for Edward Tulane.

It was a sad day at church yesterday...Josh (the pastor of ours you met at your church, right?) left to lead a church out in Colorado. Change is great isn't it? Sad for us, good for them out in Colorado...but GREAT to be following after the Lord and doing His will!

Well, that was a lot of nothing. Hugs friend!

Gretchen said...

Jenn-- AUGH! Don't even THINK of not coming back! We need you HERE! Miss you so much, thanks for the sweet goodwill wishes!

Donette, Dawn and Karen -- alright, you got it, one wedding post coming up soon!

Emma -- you are so SWEET! I am so glad that's how you feel about Joshy. I love it that he was BFFs with my sisters dear right away. He can still draw whatever you want, you know. Even a bear.

Audrea -- thanks, friend. It's nice and cool here for our Fuller friends!

Kell -- yep, that's the same one! Your brudder took us there, too. I guess he likes it. I can see why. Did you enjoy their matchless coffee and creamer?

Miscellaneous From Missy said...

I'm late posting, but Happy Anniversary!

And I am SO glad that you decided to fill us all in on your unique wedding. :-)