Thursday, October 04, 2007

Gretchen Trivia Sweepstakes

Mark tagged me to tell 8 random things about myself, but today I had a bit of a windfall in new books, I decided to make it a game. Here's how it'll go. I will post (in segments) 8 trivia questions about myself, and the person who gets the most questions right and first (weighted equally) will win an assortment of books, shipped free of charge to your home (I'll base my selection on the interest of the winner). Or if you live here, I'll just hand them to you.

Segment 1 -- favorites:

1. Who is my favorite author?

2. Who is my favorite fine art artist?

3. What is my favorite color?

Let the games begin!


Anonymous said...

Author: Elisabeth Elliott<-not sure

Fine Art: Van Gogh

Color: Red


James and Christen said...

Author: Elizabeth Elliot
Fine Art - ?
Color - Red

Do you ship to Brazil?? :)

Have a great day! Thanks for the always uplifting thoughts.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Gretchen, here is some trivia for YOU. (don't look it up)

What group of professionals did President Reagan fire 12,000 of, in 1981?

(P.S. I lost this question the other night in T.P. in boys against girls with the McCurdys, but knew it in my mind from that Ronald Reagan tape) I wished you were there, you probably would remember it. :)


Gretchen said...

Anna -- the Education department?

Josh said...

Air traffic controllers. It's illegal for government workers to go on strike. I win. :)

Anonymous said...



Misty Ferguson said...

It's either . . .

1) Nicolas Sparks
2) Thomas Kinkaid
3) Taupe


1) Elisabeth Elliott
2) Van Gogh
3) Red

Misty Ferguson said...

And, bt-dub, our very own Victor Barbarskis was fired in that strike.

Anonymous said...


MIST-Y I wonder if Mr Babarskis was fighting with the scabs. :)

"cough cough, buy me last pape?"


Morning Rose said...

I'm going to guess Elisabeth Elliott, Van Gogh, and green. Anytime books are the prize, I'm in. :)

Gretchen said...

Misty - AUGH HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You are hysterical! You guessed it. I LOVE Thomas Kinkade. The teacher in my art class was totally mocking him (kindly, of course) the other night. It was great. Gotta go curl up with my battered copy of "The Notebook". :)

MadMup said...

What a great idea, Gret - leave it it to ou to turn a meme into something much cooler :)

Sadly, I have no guesses!

Anonymous said...

Man, Anna totally beat me to it. My answers are the same as hers.
I died when I saw Misty's answer.
You wanna know something really funny (I think seeing Misty's Thomas Kinkaide answer and Anna's comment about the other night made me think of it.) When the boys were over Daniel pointed to mom's Precious Moments collection and asked what they were called, Anna and I laughed for like three hours. Do you know how funny it was when I answered, "Precious Moments"....hahahahahaha! He said he knew that but he was afraid to say it becuase if he would have said that and been wrong we should have made fun of him forever! Oh, man, I miss you guys!

Emily said...

shoot. the anonymous thing again.