Friday, October 12, 2007

Have you been reading this?

I don't know how many of you are fellow GirlTalk readers, but these past 2 weeks, the writers have been interviewing David Kotter (who attends our church!) and Dr. Jeffrey Trimark about their upcoming book Eat and Be Content. I am so excited about this book! It's the first thing I've seen quite like it, that really probes the heart of why we eat what we eat and the idolatry and foolishness that often motivates our choices. What thrills me is that this book is not about a diet and not just for women! These men have truly sought to write from a Christ-centered, God-honoring perspective. I encourage you to check out the entire interview, but if you don't have time, please read these two.

You will be blessed by the heart of these men!


Morning Rose said...

That sounds like an interesting book. :)
I want to thank you for sending the box of books! It arrived today. I really needed a new Bible, as the one I use for church is falling apart (pages falling out from the binding, etc.). I love notepads and the music CD will be great for the kids! I may have to take a picture later and put it on my blog. Thanks again!!

James and David said...

Thanks to your comments about Girltalk I have been reading the blog. In fact, I read all of the interviews earlier this week, up till Tuesday.

I was really challenged and encouraged. For several years I have seen this as a spiritual struggle in my own life. I was really encouraged and challenged.

This sin is so prevalent in my own life I got to wondering how long it has been since I have really had unhindered communion with God? No sin between myself and my Savior.

I am looking forward to reading the book when it comes out.

Hey, this week I finally got Shopping for Time in the mail and am reading it now. You were right, it is a GREAT book.

Thanks friend!

E said...

What a blessing to see this post (with a link to an awesome sight) about this particular book. Thanks Gretchen!
- Elise B

James and Christen said...


That comment from James and David was really from me. I didn't realize I was signed in under that account! Oops!


Living on Less Money said...

I've been hunting online to see if this book was ever published and I'm finding nothing. Did you hear anything different?