Friday, October 05, 2007

Trivia Segment 2

At this point, we have a clear front-runner in The Gretchen Trivia Sweepstakes Challenge. Anna is 3-0, being the first to answer as well as answering all 3 questions correctly. But with 5 questions remaining, it's any woman's (or man's) game. The next segment is decidedly harder, and more open to interpretation, to give it your best shot. I may be able to award a runner-up or two as well!

Segment 2 -- Eating and Appetites

4. Name 3 things Gretchen has given up for Lent.

5. Why did Gretchen become a vegetarian?


Morning Rose said...

4. I'm going to guess coffee, soda, and tea, and also limiting your blog surfing to 10 minutes a day.

5. You gave up meat for Lent and decided you didn't like meat that much, so you became a vegetarian.

Misty Ferguson said...

1. Soft drinks and sweets.
2. You don't dig it. The texture,
especially. And, there was the
little issue of reading The
Jungle, which has many a
vegetarian made.

jillybean said...

Okay, how is it that I check people's blogs just about every naptime, and I'm already so behind in this game? Did you post twice yesterday, Gretchen? okay, anyway, i clearly am not a very good friend because i don't think i could have guessed any of those answers - maybe the color red and a close guess for #4 & #5. Never been very good at T.P. either, but I sure am glad I had the chance to meet the Babarskis Family.

By the way, Hello Misty! Just saw your comment on Jen the Hen's Happy Birthday Blog and was so excited to see your name.

So, I'm 0 for 5, but maybe I'll have a chance with the last 3.

Anonymous said...

1. blogging, soda, and chocolate

2. The jungle! (thank you Gretchen for explaining every gory detail of that book to me that brought me 6 years of meatless exsistence!)


Gretchen said...


You all have contributed fairly good answers, but there is still room for someone to guess even MORE correctly. For instance, Morning Rose and Anna both guessed 3 things I gave up for Lent, but they did not get all 3 correct, while Misty only guessed 2 things. (You all have time to change your answers). Question #5 has partially been answered correctly, but there is another element that no-one has yet guessed.

These questions are still up for grabs! Tomorrow morning I will announce whoever is closest.

Morning Rose said...

OK, I cheated by looking back on old posts and this is what I found:

4. You've given up coffee and desserts, chips, pop, peanut butter, and sweets for Lent.

5. You became a vegetarian to be more healthy.

Anything for free books, right? :)

Amanda said...

Hi Gretchen,
I hope you don't mind me barging in like this but I have a guess or two...
Lent - coffe and coffee drinks, chips, peanut butter and sweets
As for being a vegetarian...I'm sure it was The Jungle, Andrew's Vegan friends always mention the texture of meat also so I'll go with that also, and how about having pets and couldn't imagine eating animals?

Gretchen said...

Augh! Did I get a response from a Dudich family member?? Is this Amanda or Barb? (I realize the name says Amanda, just making sure). :)

Anonymous said...


I may as well not bothah now. I think you did say you gave up meat to become more healthy, but alas you did not in the beginning! :) Anyhoo-I don't think you were worried about the pet thing were you? I mean, possum meat is sort of greasy, but our pet possum never bothered you. :) Maybe it was a combo of 1. The jungle, 2. the texture, and 3. Jessie finding a piece of gristle in her beef and noodles. Blerf. :)


Gretchen said...

"Mom! It's just a piece of gristle!"

****Gretchen and Anna gagging . . . "no thanks, I'm full now."

Donette said...

#4 Chocolate, coffee and blogs

#5 Why did Gretchen give up meat? Seriously, I want to know. Since my brother's heart problems, healthy eating has been a hot topic in my family and I want you to post on why you choose to ignore meat. (By the way, please say it isn't spiritual, or we will have to have a talk!)

megan said...

i don't really have any guesses, but i just want to say i love reading anna and you leaving messages back and forth. i can just hear the 2 of you finishing each other sentences and then laughing hysterically !

Emily said...

4. Chips, Limeted Blog Time, and pop.

5. I think it was because you wanted to be healthy while you were in college, so you gave it up for a little while to see if you could handle it and then you discovered you didn't really like it at all anyway.


Emily said...

I have a new blog post.

Amanda said...

Boy, are you good! Yes, it is Barb. Amanda has a google account and I don't so I asked her to sign me in so I could post to your blog. I read it all the time, just could not post. It's great to be able to keep in touch with what you are doing.
I concede the point on eating meat because of pets. I bet it was to be healthier knowing you. I just couldn't think of anything else at the time! Also, I was corrected and Andrew's friends are vegetarian not vegan. Keep up the great posts. I look forward to reading them.

Misty Ferguson said...

Um, Gret, I would argue that your post was rather vague about how many lent items we were to list. I thought it was a "Name a few of many" sort of question. So, I am not sure that one should count, honestly. Perhaps you can toss as an extry one?

Misty Ferguson said...

Uhhh, I just saw that it said three things . . . and so--duh, I add non-stop blog reading to my list. Which I totally knew before I saw anything else on here.