Saturday, October 27, 2007

On Storytelling

My former college English teacher wrote this great post about the importance of storytelling, even for adults. I was so glad to find this post, and realize that I'm not somehow sinking into postmodern thought by advocating teaching children by using narratives and fictitious stories.

He points out (and I agree) "I
believe we love stories because we were hard-wired by God that way. He put a love for stories within us because He Himself is the Great Storyteller, the Master Author who wrote the ultimate Story, the Creator who designed us in such a way that we cannot help but be captivated and changed by the greatest Story ever told."

Have you looked at your Bible recently as a great literary work? Theological narratives divinely inspired by the Great Storyteller, poetry that reaches to the very depths and heights of mankind's emotional experience, great characters, outstanding plot, all pointing to One Character -- the Hero of all time!


Morning Rose said...

The Bible is great reading for children and adults. It's interesting to see what each family member gleans as one child reads Numbers, another the Psalms, I in Luke, and my hubby in Proverbs.

I agree that storytelling can be very effective for children and adults. I think that's why "The Jesus Storybook Bible" is so good. We've been reading some Christian novels recently and are moved by how real the characters seem and the lessons we can learn.

jillybean said...


Where is your article on CBMW? I have looked for it several times. I've just recently come across several debates on this issue and I am eager to hear what you wrote. I love how you are always learning and growing and stretching yourself. You are an example to me!

yes, Jewel, my forever skinny sister! :)

Love ya,

P.S. Love the couch as well!

Gretchen said...


Not sure! The director is out of town, and he said it would run on Friday, but perhaps in his absence, they shifted the schedule. I don't see it being in before Friday, now.

I am working on part 2!


Misty said...

Hey Gretel, I have finally made a blog on blogger . . . . its just the same thing as the other ones, but you can put me on your listy for the our pows w/o other means of communication in the modern world. My thingy is retarded.

Love you!