Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Blog!

Dear friends and fellow readers,

I am so excited to introduce a new blog to which I am contributing -- "The Blue Kangaroo". I set this blog up for my former boss, Julie, who is the owner of the world's cutest bookstore, Blue Kangaroo Books. If you live anywhere near Danville, Illinois, or even travel through those parts from time to time, then you will want to discover this gem! Julie and her staff are friendly, bubbly, and ready to bend over backwards to give you excellent customer service. Jules loves to read, so I thought this blog would be a great outlet for her to write about her own favorite books, as well as trumpet exciting events at the store, advertise sales, interview club members, post pictures, and poll readers.

Right now, we are planning to post every couple days or so. Please stop by the new blog and tell Julie "hi". And if you're in town -- stop by the store to meet Julie in person!


Anonymous said...

Who is that adorable baby?!?!?! She looks so little compared to now! I will definitley stop by the new blog! You are awesome to help out your previous employer! LOL Janet

Anonymous said...

THAT is Smithers?!?!?! WOW she does look different! Plus, I just figured it couldn't be since I've never seen her released from the claws of the Benzing family for long. :) hee hee. ;) She must have been charmed from the arms of Abby and Emily oh my!
Yes, and I am excited to check out the Blue Kangaroo Blog! :)


Emily said...

ok yeah I saw this and thought...oh man, Cede is little...but Anna is too! That child just had her eleventh birthday...::sniffle sniffle::...This is soo cool, becuase now i can stay connected with BKB too..::sniffle sniffle::...Oh, Blue Kangaroo, How I love you!