Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thanks guys, I love you, too!

Look at this fun apron I got from the kids at Calvary (my old church). It says "We Love you, Ms. Gretchen" and all the kids signed it. I love it!

Johanna, Miss Janice, I know you guys are behind this! You are too kind. I miss you guys so much. :)


Sara Mincy said...

Awwwww you are loved! That is something you will keep forever!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Gretchen,

Josh said you guys are planning to visit some Saturday can't wait we will have to plan a fun dinner for all of us!!!!!!!!

Love Aunt Emmy

Johanna said...

We miss you too! Hope that apron provides you with many smiles while you cook. :)

Mandy said...

Hey..Amanda and i were in on it too! We did the apron thing a year ago!

I can't believe you guys have been gone that long! It doesn't seem like it. Probably because even tho you're gone...sigh...you are always in our hearts. : )
Ok thats cheesy, but it really is true!