Monday, May 24, 2010

Susie's birthday bib and more

I've been working on a couple of projects for my little birthday girl, and here are some pictures. I'm linking up to Get Your Craft On at "Today's Creative Blog".

Bib and #1 onesie. The background is a vintage strawberry tablecloth someone gave me as a wedding gift. I thought it would be perfect to use for a springy first birthday party. I accidentally bought the "no-sew" iron on stuff, and at first I was bummed, because I couldn't sew the 1 on the bib. It's been handy, though. . . made the onesie very quick. Just hope it holds up in wash (it said it would!).

Here is the most recent (and incomplete) project. It started out to be a high-chair banner (going to make one for my nephew, too, and I thought it'd be cute for them to have banners with their names on them on their little side-by-side high chairs when they eat cake. HowEVER, I lazily made my triangle pattern as long as the 1/3 yard fabric I had so I wouldn't have to cut one side of it. So the triangles are huge. Perhaps they can be wall banners. . . like behind their high chairs. Here's a few photos of how I did (am doing) it.

#1 -- choose your fabrics. These chose me. I had leftover gingham from the bib and that fruit fabric I fell in love with in Susie's first "Mod Bonnet".

#2 -- make your triangle pattern. This was very easy. Just make a right angle triangle with printer paper and a ruler -- whatever size you think works. Then use the pattern on the fold of the fabric. I SAY it is easy. . . but I would not have thought of it if I had not found something similar on a blog. I just do not think creatively like that. . . on my own.

#3 -- print off letters and cut them out. I made these bold and 500 size font. Again, I'd do it smaller if I did it over again.

#4 -- let the birthday baby play with the paper scraps. After all, she does not eat paper too much anymore.

#5 -- trace the letters onto the fabric w/iron on stuff. TRACE THEM FACE DOWN. . . or you get this:
The letters were pretty big, so I found it helpful to draw a straight side, and then tape down the stencil while I traced the rest, as shown with the "E":#6 -- cut out the letters and iron them onto the triangles. This was probably the fastest part. I was glad for the grid the gingham gave me for some of the letters, because I really wanted them to be straight.

#7 -- sew onto backs, trim with pinking shears, and attach bias tape. . . still to do. . . OR, if I decide to call it, I'll just attach them with clothespins. Which would be ok, just temporary, which is a bummer. Votes on what I should do? Any ideas for what is quickest?

Don't forget to enter my drawing for Andrew Case's book Setting Their Hope in God! Drawing ends Sunday, Susie's first birthday!


sara's art house said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!! Love the bib and the banner is great!

Kelli said...

Love the bib and banner! So cute! Thanks for letting me know the etsy link wasn't working. It should be fixed now. :)

Heather D said...

I love that banner! So fun. You are so creative. I cannot believe she is almost one. :)