Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vacation Week Hiatus

I'm taking a blog break this week as we travel to Ohio for Susie to celebrate with her birthday buddy Sawyer and to South Carolina for my cousin Caitlin's wedding. We're so excited to spend so much time with family.

In the mean time, please read these posts, that I've been re-reading and weeping over. What a good God we have!

The post I wrote when Susie was born.

The post I wrote asking for prayer for poor fragile Sawyer when he was born.

The post I wrote when Sawyer finally came home from the hospital!

We sang the song "Through the Precious Blood" this morning in church and I was reminded of God's faithfulness! Josh told me that in Hawaii, a 1st birthday is a really special celebration, carried over from years ago when the infant morality rate was so high. Reaching age one was remarkable and call for a big celebration. I want to use Susie's and Sawyer's one year birthday as a reminder of how precious life is and how good God is to give us another day and another year!

**** Update: the winners of my Andrew Case book giveaway were Kristie and Amanda. Amanda, I can find you at your blog, but Kristie, I don't know your last name or anything else! Come on back and leave me a comment with an e-mail address I can contact you at to get your address. Congrats, you guys!!

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