Monday, May 17, 2010

Totey's Monster Birthday Bib

So, I have never before written a crafting post on my blog. But I really enjoyed making this bib for my nephew's first birthday, so I'm putting pictures up here, and linking up with Today's Creative Blog Get Your Craft on Tuesday!

I got the pattern for the bib here and made a couple of bibs with the pattern just as it was. Then I decided to make it bigger for my nephew (more space for the appliques).

I chose green gingham for the bib background (originally I'd picked
orange with spots -- it seemed monster-y, but it was really dark, and the monster and cupcake didn't stand out). I LOVE gingham, and it was more babyish, I think. The monster, hat and cupcake I cut out of felt and scrap fabric (free hand . . . believe me, I'm no artist, but I looked for pictures of monsters for EVER before I started), and then sewed them on by hand using a small embroidery hoop (lots of blogs with tutorials on doing felt applique out there).

Next I sewed the green bib front to the terry cloth backing (using a machine
I borrowed from a friend) and then turned it inside out. Final step -- sewing a little border around the edge to make it look more finished. I still don't have a fastener for it, but I might do a snap if I can borrow my friend's snap press again. Otherwise, I'll probably do velcro, but I've gotta wait for a new coupon to Jo Ann's. . . I'm all for making a project last a long time as long as I can keep getting my supplies for dirt cheap.

Possible next projects? Finishing the bib for my daughter's birthday (she and my nephew are having a joint party) and maybe making a flag banner with my leftover material! You never know!


Hafeli Ever After said...

I had no idea how much work went into this! Thank you so much, Gretchen!!

Happy Hodge Podge said...

You rocked it, Gretchen. Great job! Lovin the little monster.

Anonymous said...

LOL on the toot monster with a tooth! LOLOLOLOLOLOL


Janna said...

Very nice Gretchen. I love the blue bird.

No, you do not need to find 10 people. I will place you in a group, but if your sister or friend should want to do it just let me know and I'll put you in the same group.

sara's art house said...

WHAT a CUTE bib!!!!!!! Great job!

OK- so you will laugh at what I did for the garland- but I have an idea of how to do it better.

I ripped all of my squares so they were frayed and did not need to be hemmed- then I just flipped the top over the yarn and stapled it up there :)

So they are only one sided- but next time I will rip out rectangles and flip them over the yarn so that each side looks the same - and then sew a line under the yarn to keep it on there (but still allow you to move them closer to each other or further apart.

Clear as mud , I am sure :)

Emily Benzing said...

LOL! The monster!
Sheesh Gretchen, next thing you know, you'll be scrapbookin! ;)

Gretchen said...

Sara -- no, I'm not laughing, I think that is totally logical! I'm probably going to try to do something more permanent, simply because we'll need to take it outside.

Emily -- Scrapbooking is too expensive. Sewing is DIRT CHEAP!

Anonymous said...

Cute ... I just sewed a Mei Tei baby carrier for the first time ... it was a blast. It feels so good to finish something also:)