Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do you know. . .

Do you know this little girl?

She's the kind of girl that you would love to have as a friend.  And I'm sure she would have been your friend as well, for when I knew her, she never met a stranger.  She was  lots of fun and knew how to shuffle cards perfectly with a fluttery-snap finish.  If you didn't know how, she'd be happy to teach you to play "rummy".

Here are some other things about her:
She loved to read.

She was the oldest sister in a family of 5 kids.
She called her parents "Mother" and "Daddy" her whole life.

She was in lots of plays.

She became a teacher and a mommy when she grew up.  And she was really good at both jobs. 
She was really quite the classic "All-American Girl"

Her parents and sisters called her "Susie", but most of her grown up friends called her "Sue".

You'd probably know who she is better by this picture:  

Announcing my new blog series "All-American Sue" about the youth of my mother, Sue Benzing.  Be sure to check back every Thursday for a new chapter in her life!  This will be a 12-week series, taking breaks on the holidays.  Come back and learn about:
Susie's southern roots
The apple-peel story
The Popsicle stick story
Her bedtime "routine"
Plus lots of great pictures and much more!!
Please pray for me as I work on this project that I will write something worth keeping to honor my mom!


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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your stories DAD

Steph said...

Sooo sweet Gret. You'll do an awesome job...kinda makes me a little teary as I can hear her get excited telling me about this kind of thing in the nursery on any given Sunday morning...

Susan McCurdy said...

Oh yay...I didn't know Sue had "southern roots" ...makes me love her even more! : )

Fran R. said...

This is gonna make my day, I can tell. She would be so pleased to find out that Jamie is fostering a brand new baby boy. His name is Sully.

Hafeli Ever After said...

I'm so glad you are!! I want my mom to write her story because I don't feel like I know it well enough to re-tell. It seems like your project here is going to be a blessing to many!

Kim Kitchens said...

I already love reading your blog, and I am so looking forward to reading about your mom. What a wonderful way to honor her and remember her.

Janna said...

I already want to cry and laugh. I really can't wait! I hope you inspire others to learn more about their mothers.

I'm interested in the bed time routine:)

denise said...

thanks for being our leader and taking on such a challenging yet rewarding task. i'd love to do the same thing with my father next time around (he passed away a few years ago).


denise (group 3 member)

p.s. thanks janna for this opportunity!