Monday, September 20, 2010

New Favorites

I've got a few favorites I want to link to -- in case you'd like them too!

Susie in her name "booo".
1. Principessa Bows -- I know lots of people have Etsy shops and make bows -- etc.  But I LOVE this girl, and wanted to give her a little shout out (not earning anything by doing so, or even entering a contest or anything).  I first heard of her when I won a green bow for Sus on Facebook, and struck up a little friendship with Alisa (who is either the sister or SIL of an elder at our church, Jeremy Pierre).   She is from Ohio, and sent me a free OSU clip for Susie with my order.  I just wanted to show you Susie's new clips and tell you how GREAT of prices she has.  They are the best I've seen!  Susie has been obsessed with her name clippy since it arrived.  She'd say "boooo, boooo!" and carry it all over the house.  I had to sneak it in her hair so she wouldn't pull it out to play with it.  Last night when I was getting ready to put her to bed, she tried to keep it in her hand while sucking her thumb, even though that meant it was poking her nose.  I tried to say "let's but the bow to bed" (she has a bow holder), but she'd shake her head vehemently. I'm sure I'll be ordering more!

2. Baby Half Off -- how did I just find this website a couple weeks ago?  Every day, they feature one item at half off (or more) the retail price, and sell them until their limited quantities are gone.  You can browse the archives with past items (many of the best sell out that day, obviously), and see if there are any still in stock.  OR you can just check every day for stuff!

3. Arts Cow -- this website consistently features incredible deals on photo gift items.  I first found it when they were doing free Post-it notes, and signed up for the e-mail offers.  They send out lots of special offers for great priced deals (though not so many as to be overwhelming) as well as credit your account up front for a bunch of free stuff (including 1200 prints!).  Now, you DO have to pay shipping for those, so I still haven't determined if it is a good enough deal, but I'm keeping my eyes out for great offers via e-mail.  For photo books, I am still dedicated to Shutterfly, but I'm interested in trying out some other stuff with Arts Cow.

I am currently working on a project that I hope to announce in the next week or two. . . but I'll try to blog a bit between now and then.  I've got some good books to mention that I've been reading lately, now that I'm done with Mommy's Piggy Tales!

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