Friday, September 24, 2010

Some things about Susie

Before I forget them all, I want to write some things Susie is doing/saying at 15 months. . . 

She is talking really well for her age.  Still lots of gibberish, but also lots of mimicking words and repeating us.  She calls me AND Josh "Daddy".  Once upon a time when she was really little, she called me "mama", but it's solidly daddy these days.  She will run between us and say "skeeeeeeeze" as she hugs our legs, then turn to "Daddy" and do the same, over and over, skeezing and skeezing. :)

She says this sentence quite a bit:  "This is a _____(fill in the blank)" or "It's a _______" or "Dat a _______" Sometimes the blank is just gibberish.  Often she'll say "This is a booty" (another word for birdy, belly, and I guess . . .  bottom -- she uses it in all occasions).  She also loves to recognize "watey" (or, water).  The bathroom is always "the watey", as is the pool we walk past on campus, or any body of water on television.  The first time I heard her say it was when Josh was taking a jug of water out to the car "Dat a watey!" she said, clear as day, pointing at the jug.  

She uses "all done" quite a bit -- not only when she's finished at a meal, but when I turn off the water washing dishes and she hears it go off "ALllll Duuuuuuuuuun" she says.  Or when she WANTs to be done with something, like getting dressed, or having her diaper changed "all duh, all duh!" she says quickly. I then have to remind her that we are NOT done yet. :)

She is very aware of what is on TV.  If is sports, she cries "BAAAWWWW!!!" very loudly over and over.  It could be soccer, golf, football, baseball. . . she knows a ball.  If it is an animal -- "DODDY!" (doggy) or "Baaaaahhh!" (sheep = baa baa) or "RAWRRRRR!" (lots of animals -- bears and lions and such).  Usually if is an animal she doesn't know on TV, she says doggy.  You'll notice I am putting these words in all caps.  That is because she is shouting and pointing at the screen. 

We have a ground hog that lives in our backyard, and she will stand at the window, calling it "daaaaahh-deeeee!" over and over.  She does this other people's homes, as well.  She stood and called for the doggy at my Uncle Ron's house in North Carolina, or at my dad's house in Illinois.  

She is VERY outgoing.  Sometimes while we are shopping in a store, she will say "HI" to just about everyone we pass.  I'm always amazed who does not respond.  I guess they are focused on shopping and just miss her, but she certainly speaks loud enough!  Of course, there are plenty of people who do respond, and she usually has a decent conversation with several people we meet.

She is very interested in noses, eyes, ears, etc. right now.  She says eyes quite a bit, and used to say "eyes" for every body part, but now she also says "eeers" and "beeeet" (feet), and will point to her mouth, tongue, belly, and sometimes nose and neck and teeth.  She has figured out how to make a fish face, and runs to Josh with her little fishy mouth when he is leaving for work to get/give a kiss.  SO CUTE!!

She is a happy and fun girl -- really becoming a toddler!


Emma said...

I love that baby! :) She is so funny!

Did you try putting her hair into a pony yet? That first picture really looks like there's enough! :)

Lennis said...

Such a sweet baby girl! She is growing up So fast! Getting sweeter all the time! Thanks for sharing with us!

Hafeli Ever After said...

Sentences?! That's amazing! Go Susie! The "skeeze" thing is just adorable!

Rebecca said...

Gretchen, She looks so much like you!! Takes me back to the summer I spent in Ohio and the weeks I stayed with your mom and dad. I had such fun with you and Nathan!!