Monday, September 27, 2010

Great Resource!

Wow, check out this HUGE list of 100 books and blogs on parenting and related subjects from Inspired to Action!  When I perused the book list, I had only read, um, FIVE of the books!  For real! (though I have started a couple others)  This is just what I needed to inspire me to read a new parenting book.  That, and, I'm almost done with my classroom reading.  May I suggest, however, that if you check out her list, you consider purchasing a book from REAL people in a REAL bookstore?  If you like bookstores, I mean.  Someday you can tell your grandchildren about them, since they will likely no longer exist.  Ok, putting away the soapbox now.

Here's what I am choosing to read first: Grace Based Parenting.  I have read a couple of posts from this blog, and have heard it recommended highly.  Anyone out there read it?


Tina and Todd said...

I have never read this book ... but any book recommended by Dr. Dan Allender is a book that I would read. I will have to put it on my list. Let me know what you think:)

James and Christen said...

I am so glad to hear that you were able to take that book to your neighbor before she left. We will pray that she will be able to take it home, and that she will read it with her daughter. I am so glad you had the opportunity to share Christ with her both in word and in deed.

We are giving the bibles to the kids who bring their parents to church on Sunday. Saturday we will have our club and promote church. If they come back for church, that family will be able to take home a bible.

We are just desperate to give people the opportunity to hear the Gospel. You wouldn't believe how many people here do not have any bible at all. It is amazing how a "reached" people group can be so "unreached."
We feel so overwhelmed by the needs, and without the knowledge that God is the one who calls people to Himself, we would surely give up. Our message is powerful and that gives confidence and encouragement.

Praying for you guys!

Kat @ Inspired To Action said...

I'm glad you liked the list!!