Wednesday, August 29, 2007

For Now We See Through a Glass Darkly

God's rich grace is such a beautiful thing. So is His covenant with with His people. These are things I've been thinking on lately -- mostly my need for grace, and how every few moments I find myself turning to kneel at the cross, delighted to cling to the gospel. I've been tempted with pride, and so often stumbled. Sometimes I am just disgusted with myself and this life, and I long to be fully reconciled with Jesus -- face to face.

Last weekend my dear friend Brooke, whom I've known since she was eleven, was married, and I had part in her wedding ceremony. As beautiful as her wedding was -- the decorations, food, apparel -- what simply struck me so deeply that day was the beauty of this covenant that God created to show us a picture of Himself and His church. It was as though the veil lifted for a brief moment and I was able to see that thing called a covenant relationship, and it was so lovely. Oh, to see that day when our perfect Groom will esteem His bride by uniting Himself with her. To think that I shall be there!

It is a struggle, indeed, to simply be content with seeing through this glass darkly . . . but then, face to face!


GloryandGrace said...

"This mystery is profound..."

I have been mulling over those words in Ephesians for days now.

Sara Mincy said...

Thanks for that reminder, Gretchen-it is always so wonderful to see how God designed everything so perfectly. As we grow older those things become more clear to us...things that we always took for granted!

You are such an encouraging blogger!

Rachel Amunrud said...

Amen! I am looking forward to that day more and more, the older I get and the more I grow to hate my sin nature and long to know Christ fully.

Murray Crew said...

Be checkin' your mailbox....sorry I'm overdue. Fine me!
Murray Quaddies
LOVIN' The Jesus Storybook Bible!

Anonymous said...

I knew there was a reason I've always loved weddings. :) I can't even imagine what the final wedding will be like, uniting Christ with his church. What a glorious day that will be!

Anonymous said...

I can't see anything on Jill's blog. Is she having trouble w/ it?


jillybean said...

that's because there is still nothing to see! :) I need an evening at home with my husband for him to help me with it! i know, pathetic. plus, after reading Gret's blog, i'm feeling like i don't have anything to say. i have a "blog inferiority complex" that is holding me back. :l

Heather said...

amen sister. I can't wait for the day when He calls us's an amazing thought