Saturday, August 18, 2007


Guess whose baby this is?? My title gave it away, I know, but this is Jill Humrichous's (Weisert, I mean, of course) little girl, Lauren Rose. She is such a darling and good baby (think of all the goodness flowing from Humrichous blood) that we sneaked into our no-kids apartment complex like contraband.

My dear old friend Jill came to visit me this weekend -- just overnight -- and it was precious to sit and talk and enjoy yumm-o food with her. (Direct quote: "I hope you don't think I'm being really piggish but I really think I want to eat that cannoli . . . "). Total Jill.

She is the daughter of my dear Pastor Joe (whom I've referenced quite a bit of late). In high school, Jill constantly encouraged me to "make Jesus your Best Friend", and challenged me to love God's Word. We have stayed in touch over the years, through college and marriage. Now she has entered a phase I've not yet encountered -- motherhood! But Jill is still old Jill. In fact, more like "Old Jill" than ever (as we fell asleep last night -- Josh took the couch -- she said "I'm turning my back on you, but don't think I'm mad at you" which is something like what she would say when she was little).

It is rare, to know someone for a very long time and still be k
indred spirits. I know some people who live in the same town all their lives cannot imagine otherwise, but for me, with all the shuffling and reshuffling, the making of new best friends, it is a precious jewel from Jesus to have a happy agenda-free relationship with someone who knew you at your worst, and can currently talk together about the Best.

Good news! I think I have Jill convinced to start her own blog, since she is in the dark ages, and just only got the internet at home. Post me a comment if you would like to vote that Jill should
start blogging (even if you don't know her, just do it!).

Look at that Humrichous face! She and Josh show their matching hairstyles. They got on quite swimmingly discussing their do's.


Anonymous said...

Jill has my vote to start a blog! Then she can post lots of pics of little Lauren. We have a 2-year-old Lauren in our church who is just gorgeous. I'm hoping her mom will start a blog too. :)

brittany said...

I vote for Jill to start a blog!

You're right. She DOES look like a Humrichous! (sorry, Greg!) She also has one of the BEST names! :) Her g'ma LOVED my Lauren and would have LOVED her name so much.

Sara Mincy said...

Those are cute baldi's !!!!

GloryandGrace said...

The more the merrier!!!!!

simple muzings of my misfortune said...

wow...didn't even know she had a baby, but she's beautiful...i vote for jill starting a blog as well, it's great to see what's going on in people's worlds:)

akfuller said...

Absolutely...Jill must blog. Or she at least must hijack your blog occasionally, Gretchen, so we can keep up with her. How precious to see someone I've missed a lot having such a wonderful overnight with you and picking up right where you left off. And the way you described her I felt like I was at the table hearing her voice! I can't wait until I can do it in person! ~Audrea

GloryandGrace said...

This is one of those times when I wish we weren't blocked from Facebook here at work! I called you yesterday, but didn't leave a message since it was just on a whim that I called at all. I brought my dress home from the store!!!! I was so antsy from the excitement that I just started calling people! I was on my way back towards the apartment when I called you. No worries, just wanted you to know I was thinking about you :)

simple muzings of my misfortune said...

i go to JAVA on frankfort everyday, roomate and some of my good friends work their too. the coffee has a great roast that isn't bitter tasting from being over roasted. also sunergos coffee is great, they roast their own beans at the store, and they also send it over to Quills, on barret, which many people frequent...your right...maybe i should write a blog about the best coffee in the ville...hehe

Emily said...

Hey Gret, it's good to see you catching up with Jill, I haven't seen her since eater i don't think..

I think you should check out my blog was inspired by you. : )

Don't worry I'll post pictures soon..; )

Steph said...

Wow, I loved seeing Jill and you and baby. I'm TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY for her starting a blog. It is such a highlight of mine to read all my friend's blogs who live away from me. I feel like I can stay in touch with you, Sara, Danielle, etc. BLOG JILL BLOG!
Plus, I totally laughed and "heard" Jill when you quoted her twice (the "don't think I'm being piggish, and the turn you back..." LOVE YOU JILL!)
And love you too Gret!
PS- Guess who took Misty's spot at DHS!? Christy Loop! How funny is that?

jillybean said...

Good morning all! I am here, but give me some time to get things situated before I take off. :)

jillybean said...

That last comment from me was actually my husband. I wrote something very eloquent yesterday after i signed on and then had trouble getting it to go through. So he helped me figure it out this morning and posted that comment for me as a trial run. anyway, thank you for all your encouragement for me to start blogging. you all are quite persuasive. :) hey, and i'll see you several of you tomorrow at Brooke's wedding. fun times!

Anonymous said...

I can't see Jill's blog! Waahaahaa!