Sunday, August 12, 2007

O Taste and See

This weekend I had a quick excursion to northern Ohio to see my husband's family and to attend his sister's baby shower. Because of Josh's work schedule, he stayed behind, and I flew out the door Friday night ready to hit the road without much of a plan for driving myself 5 hours each way in less than 24 hours.

Not that I didn't know the way. I did. It's pretty easy.

Not that I had no gas or caffeinated beverages. Josh had gotten me all squared away.

But I had no plan for how to occupy my mind during those long quiet hours. Hadn't brought a MP3 player. I'm not much of a radio person. Clearly, reading is out when you are the driver (unfortunately). What would I do to keep from getting sleepy?

The Lord provided a great blessing for me. I opened the consule in the car, hoping to find an old Steve Green tape or something to give me a bit of a boost in energy (I'd been on the road for about an hour), and I found something even better -- tapes of my former pastor (Joe Humrichous) from 8 years ago. Now this might not sound like a gold mine to you, but they were just what I needed! They were, in fact, a source of a little revival that took place in my car making its way up I75 north.

God dealt with me about my pride -- how my heart would go out, and reach up a finger to touch God's glory by saying something to make others admire me, or striving and competing to be liked by my peers. This is my story -- my particular point of sin. I am so thankful for Christ's patience with me, to stir my spirit to know when I sin, for my heart to go "ouch" when I know I've done or said something for my own glory.

Mmmmm. . . I've tasted that honey of God's goodness. He provided those old tapes for me, and then granted me the grace to hear them. This was one of those times when God's correction was gentle -- I know it is not always so -- showing me that His yoke is easy and His burden is light.


Anonymous said...


I've never posted first!!! I totally know what you mean. I love finding old tapes. I even have favorites. Is Kari huge? hee,hee. Was the shower fun?


Anonymous said...

We listened to sermons on CD during our vacation (11 hour drive one way) and it kept my hubby (the driver) awake and helped the time pass faster. The messages dealt with holiness and salvation. We'll have to bring more sermons on future trips.

Smoothie King said...

Nothing like a good ol fashioned car revival! Seriously did sound like a blessing. I have tasted an seen that the Lord is good...How quickly I forget though.

GloryandGrace said...

Gret! It brought a smile to my face to pass you in the parking lot at Kroger, and also made me realize all the more that we need to hang out very soon!! I miss you and getting to spend time talking about things... I miss you, and it was SO good to read this entry. These are some of favorites, those times when the Lord is sweet and unexpected in His correction.

Julie said...

I know this has nothing to do with you blog but I needed to contact you and couldn't find your email. Do you know a good book on teen purity? It's for one of the Figuro's(I have no idea how to spell their name) Email me if you can think of something.
Thanks Julie

James and Christen said...

Thanks for testimony. God is SOOOOO good! I understand the feeling of finding a gold mine. We have some old tapes of his and James and I love to listen to them.

Thanks for your last comment. Once we get our internet set up I want to try and skype you. Glad to hear how well camp-outt went. Wish we could have been with you.
Take care - Christen