Thursday, August 02, 2007


Every summer I am pleasantly surprised by the way the Lord provides through the generosity of others. As the bounty of the garden starts rolling in, my dear Christian brothers and sisters share the wealth of fresh veggies with us. There is a period of time (which I never wish to end, keep in mind) that I fairly live on tomatoes. I have conceived of ways to include tomatoes in my breakfast, lunch and dinner, and enjoy every rich ruby red bite. If we are given green tomatoes or zucchini, we enjoy a favorite dinner: fried green tomatoes and fried zucchini.

We can almost live off the spread we are given, and I wouldn't be sorry to do so! It may seem a small thing to share your garden harvest, but believe me, this generosity is not overlooked. If you have a garden and share your abundance with those who don't, thank you for being generous in this way. If your gifts are from a heart who longs to make the name of the Lord great and one who loves your sister in Christ, then it is not useless. "If I bestow all my goods to feed the poor and give my body to be burned but have not charity, it profiteth me nothing" I Corinthians 13:3. Christ tells us that anyone who gives a cup of water in his name is really giving it to Christ Himself!

What can we give? Maybe you are someone with extra time. I met a dear friend here who works full time and is married and has many responsibilities of ministry at our church, but she sees herself as a person with time to give, so she often seeks out people who need some quality time invested in them and goes out to coffee -- even late at night! I have recently seen the Lord show Himself strong by providing money through faithful friends who just want to be a blessing -- donating money for healthy snacks for the kids at Camp OUTT, for instance. If we have no time, money or extra resources, we can always give words! I am discovering how important are words that encourage, and I think the Lord is beginning to build that awareness in my life, so that I might speak words of grace to my fellow heirs with Christ. Whatever it is that you have -- give it in the Lord's name!

And if you are trying to pawn off those tomatoes . . . I have more room in my fridge.


Sara said...

Thank you, Gretchen for the encouraging words! I wish I had some tomatoes to give to you :)

Also, I loved hearing about your camp OUTT. It sounded so wonderful!!!

GloryandGrace said...

FRIED GREEN TOMAOTOES?!?!?!?!? Recipe please!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YUM Gret. I love that picture! I made some sick Zucchini bread last night that Bob, John and Lance ate anyway. It was really bland and vegetable-y. barf. :) I want some fried green tomatoes. Or a new zucchini to start over. :)

Gretchen said...

Sar -- thanks, you are sweet! I wish we could have a tomato sandwich together. . . :)

Grace -- no recipe really. Perhaps better to just make together. It's easier to learn that way. I am REALLY getting a hankering for them, though!

Anna -- what made it sick? Not enough moisture? Hey, ask Mom, she has about a million zucchinis I think. People gave them to her.

Josh said...

The word "barf" is really funny to read. Barf. Barf! Barf? Barf.

GloryandGrace said...

Cooking together, as in hanging out sometime very soon!!!

Gretchen said...


I got some green tomatoes tonight! YAY!

Anonymous said...


the zucchini was from mom. Hee. I totally snatched it from the pile at their house. :)

barf Josh! Or my other favorite word "nerf". I use it when someone is being dumb.. Like "duh".. I say "nerf". I got it from John Cast although I don't think he ever said it, just inspired it. Anna

mummymac said...

We're having a glut of veggies here at the minute too.

I never thought about the fact that I give them away to fellow church members is a kind of serving.

Thanks for the reminder.