Friday, December 14, 2007

Benzing Art

My first feature on the Benzing family is my cousin Geoff Benzing. He's an artist, a very good one, I might add, whose art you can view, and even buy here. I'm not an artist, but I love art! I was so thrilled when Geoff's sister Corrie (who I saw this week at Grandma's funeral) told me about BenzingArt where I could look at Geoff's works. I'm a big fan. I especially love his watercolor works like this one on the right, and his acrylics and oils, like the owl at the bottom (I love owls!). His site has contact information if you are interested in purchasing his work.

When we were little, Geoff had cancer. In fact, most of my childhood included praying for Geoff every time we prayed. My uncle Gene, Geoff's dad, died of cancer when I was a little girl, so praying for Geoff was very important to us. Uncle Gene was my dad's younger brother and best friend. I remember him as a funny uncle who used to pretend my ponytails were motorcycle handlebars (a game I've often played since with little girls).

Geoff has been in remission for 17 years, which is amazing. As a child, I often thought of his healing when I heard people speak about God answering prayers. I don't know that there is anyone else I've more consistently prayed for for healing! Maybe as you look at Geoff's artwork, you will consider praying for someone in your life that you feel like you've been praying for a long time.


Morning Rose said...

His art is beautiful and reflective. That's a neat idea to tie in art with prayer.

Elise Benzing said...

no kidding - his work is awesome!!

Molly Carlisle said...

That's amazing. I am always fascinated by people's artistic abilities. I love his watercolors. A LOT!

Emily said...

oh my gosh, beautiful.

Sara Mincy said...

WOW- I love his work- totally beautiful. Thanks for the post, Gret, and what a good idea to feature your family members....makes your blog even more special to you and for the future.

Emily said...

now i know where I got my artistic talent...;)

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures. You're right Em! :) You've got artistic talent on both sides of the family.


Anonymous said...

I love your page! Thanks so much for sharing Geoff's story and your memories of Gene and praying for Gene and Geoff. I feel honored to part of such a great family. Geoff and I were sad we weren't able to be with you all for Grandma's funeral, but Corrie helped us feel as if we were there everyday with her phone calls.