Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Scenes of the Season

We've been enjoying our Christmas here in Louisville. It is a cozy Christmas in our little apartment here on campus. I wasn't able to pull out all the stops with decorating like I have in the past (my sister Anna has huge totes full of Christmas decorations in her basement that I didn't use), but a bit of candles here and some lovely music there have been making us feel quite festive in Fuller 2__. I set up this table to be my wrapping station and then enjoyed an evening wrapping and enjoying this gift from the GirlTalk gang. Let me encourage you to do the same! May your joy be full as you contemplate the i

Sunday night, Josh and I spent a lovely evening caroling in a large group of 40 adults and children around the Crescent Hill neighborhood. My friend Tara Beth, whose husband is an elder at our church, had been wanting to host a caroling party like this, because they used to do that when they were at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C. Following that format, 5 small groups from Clifton joined together and tramped about belting out the gospel in song and leaving a letter with a "For Your Joy" tract at each house. It truly was some of the greatest fun I've had in a good long time. It was chilly, but so truly fun to make merry with one's brothers and sisters in Christ. Forever in my mind is the memory of the children and grown-ups singing with mouths wide open, noses red, hearts full of cheer. Afterward, we went back to the Townsends and feasted and chatted. It was a noisy, clamoring mix of old and young, lots of hot drinks and good snacks. I know it was a bit of effort on Tara Beth's part (side note: I arrived an hour early to help her get ready and found the house in darkness. Taking naps perhaps? No, no. Power out. Trays of cold pigs-in-a-blanket sat on the countertop waiting to be baked. Poor Townsends! Nothing could dampen their spirits, however, and we cheerfully pressed on by candlelight, hopes high that the power would return. It did, of course, with plenty of time to spare before the party.), but I trust that the Lord used our merriment to further His kingdom in our neighborhood.

(Sidenote #2 -- this is a very cute child at our church that I LOVE). I talked to it all night as much as I could.


Emily said...

awwww it looks like a really fun time. I love to go caroling. :)
Tonight we went sledding in the dark with the boys and it was so much fun! Afterward we went back to the church and opened our presents by the fireplace...it was so much fun.
I LOVE CHRISTMASTIME! I don't ever want it to end.


Emily said...

PS-don't forget to look at my new post..:)

Anonymous said...

Gretchen. How incredibly fun. :) This is neat, I was at the mall the other day on a crowded Saturday, and walked out of a LOUD "beat-y music" clothing store and into the mall where I glanced over and to my surprise there were about 100 men dressed in black suits standing all together. Then they all started to sing Christmas Carols. People walked by with their mouths open. It eclipsed all sounds in the mall, and was beautiful. I think my mouth was open too, and I was thinking, "probably even they don't know how welcome and beautiful this "noise" is compared to the rest of the mall". :)


Anonymous said...

Christmas caroling is an almost lost joy. But it strange because it birngs such wonderful memories. aanna you were listening to the singing men of WGNN. I do my caoling around the office and have wherever I've been. AT SSuper valu people were aelways curious if I was really thta happy!!!!!DAD

Morning Rose said...

I've always loved caroling too. Our church is going Christmas caroling tonight around the neighborhood. We ring each bell on our route, sing a song or two, and give each neighbor a plate of cookies with a tract and invitation to our church. Then we head back to church for treats. It's neat to carol with the kids.

Steph said...

I like your pretty pink. Sounds like you are enjoying some really neat things this Christmas. Miss ya!

Emily said...

PPS- Daniel went caroling with his family. I made fun of him, but he thought it was fun...after reading your post and Dad's and Anna's comments, I wish I could have gone with him. ha.

Sarah: said...

Gretch, send me your address in a message on Facebook--I need to send you your Fairy book! It is very cute (Elise was paging through it longingly). :-)
Plus, I need your address for our Christmas card sending!