Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How Many People. . .

. . . does it take to help you move? I haven't done an official count, but I am thinking upward of 15. We are now settled into our new apartment, with just a few more boxes to unpack, and everything looking great! Here's a little shout-out of thanks!! to everyone who helped us!

Christen and James (here we eat the traditional moving feast of pizza on the floor),

Mandy, Greg and Maddie, Johanna (dining on pasta with me sans table),

Misty, Shea, Abby, Emily, Nancy, my Mom, Jake and Gary (who so graciously drove down with us to help us get settled and make it a party).

We are so blessed! What a team of supporters we had! Jake took a vacation day to come with us, bless his heart. And then he sweetly told us "you're worth it".
Gretchen begins to tear up. . .
(I promised him I would try to find him a wife (hope the person I have in mind is reading this -- you KNOW who you are!)

I will post pictures of our cozy house soon. Josh's dad, Gary brought us this laptop, which was a HUGE blessing! We should be able to stay in touch via blogger, but we haven't been able to navigate My Space yet (sorry, girls!). Mandy, you better get a blog!


Anonymous said...

i remember my family when i see your web,

Anonymous said...

This looks great! It sounds like all went well. We were really praying that the weather would cooperate.

I am dying to know how your interview went. Prayed about it several times today.

I am offically back on line and I converted to the new blogger. No problem!

Can't wait to see you Friday!

grammy said...

grammy reese is so going to follow your blog. you are in inspiration. it will be exciting to see how God uses you in Ky. love and prayers to both of you. fran

megan said...

i can't believe how much shea and misty look alike. i haven't seen them in forever. is misty still teaching at the u of i?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's such a great picture of my 'what are you doing?!' smile. It's kinda scary if you blow it up as big as I did. :P
We prayed for you tonight at bible study. Steve said you an interview at a book store! How exciting. I'll be praying you get that job, It seems so perfect.
Miss you!

Setrn said...

I am glad that you were able to get a look at the video. It sounds like you guys are doing great so far. I am tentatively planning a trip to South Carolina next month, and I would love to work it out to stop over in Kentucky for a few minutes. We'll have to see!
Sandy P&P

Greg and Staci said...

I am so glad to hear that things went smoothly. I can't wait to hear about the interview either. Do classes start today or did they start yesterday. I pray that the unpacking and "settling in" will go well. We already miss you terribly! Good luck, see you soon!


Greg and Staci said...

Okay, I've spent way too much time this morning trying to figure out how to send you a link to my blog if you want it. I will see if this works. If not, maybe I'll figure it out sometime this year:) I hope you're doing well!!

Anonymous said...


Yes, we are talking about Jaimie Z., but they are keeping it pretty low key right now, so we are trying to be sensitive to that and not just tell the world.

Just be praying for them, hopefully everyone will be ok, but it sounds kind of rough right now.

brittany said...

Hey, Gret! The girls were thrilled to see your comment on my blog this morning! So glad to read you're getting settled in so quickly! Can't wait to see pictures. They said to tell you they love you too!

Gretchen said...

Thanks, everybody for responding and encouraging me this morning. I think I may be doing a little MORE blogging these next days since not a lot is going on here for me yet. :)

Chris -- the weather on the day of our move was great. Wet, but not rainy, and pretty warmish. It is COLD and dry now. I may have to switch to the new blogger. . .

Gram -- thanks for reading! You are cute that you say "SO follow". You sound like P&P

Meg -- I know Shea and Misty do look like twins. Misty is at Danville High School teaching Spanish. But this is her last year. She is going to another country in the fall, either Spain or Romania to teach english. She'll be doing missions like she's wanted to.

"Johannis" -- YEA!!!!!!! You are on and blogging! This is my first non-forced comment of you. You look so pretty in that picture! Mandy and I look like we just crawled out of bed or something.

San -- I will DIE with happiness if you guys stop by here on your way through! PLEASE do!

Staci -- Found your blog! Thanks so much for praying!

Brit -- keep blogging and keeping me updated with your little cuties!

Anonymous said...

Gret-Hey chica! I'm glad that you were moved safely! I am also glad that you have a computer! YEAH! Okay, now...how far away are you from the Creation Mueseum? Are you close or far away? If you are close...there is a GREAT GAP outlet there (shirts for as little as $2)...plus, Every summer we take our teens there...so maybe I could stay an extra day to visit a brown haired beauty! :)

GloryandGrace said...

I left you a comment on my blog and a message on your voicemail about tomorrow night-- I'm such a toot for having to reschedule our second "date"--Let me know about Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Gretchen, I am so glad you have a computer so you can stay in the blogging world! I would miss you so if you didn't....
Yes--post pictures soon of your cute little place. I always love to see how you decorate. And let me know if you don't get the book store job....I know this great home business selling books, that you would be fabulous at! :-)

Andrea said...


I have frequently thought of you and wondered how you are doing. Can it be that we both ended up in Louisville, KY?!? I just moved here in December.

Andrea (Nash)Erb

Gretchen said...

Geen, we're less than 2 hours from there. Maybe just over an hour. I have always wanted to go there! PLEASE stop and see this new brown-haired Kentuckian.

Sar, I appreciate the sentiment. I will try to put some up this eve.

Grace, no problem, I understand. I expect to hold it against you throughout our friendship. Just kidding.

Andrea!!!!!!!!! I have thought of you only a MILLION times this week! We have been trying to get in touch with you via Kevin McFadden, but alas, he hasn't replied to our phone calls. I know, I can't believe it that we are both here! I don't really know anybody (the above Grace excepted) and I am LONGING for a long talk with you! Where do you live, go to church, work, etc? We totally want to get together. Call my cell: 217-304-7976. If you get this soon, you and Jason should come over tomorrow night and eat mac and cheese and play Dutch Blitz with us.

Anonymous said...


I do too remember you! I just got off the phone with Andrea and Jason and gave them your number...so you can be expecting a call. I hope you're able to enjoy some mac 'n' cheese and Dutch Blitz (must be a tradition of some kind?).