Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Workin' for the Man

Somebody get JULIE to read this!
I miss you!
*Ahem, read this all with a grain of salt*

Well, I started work today at the Lifeway store on campus, and it was pretty fun and very busy with everyone buying textbooks and everything, and even though I don't remember all 72 codes I have to know for everything, nor do I have down the computer system (Julie, Anthology is a DREAM -- way more modern and easy to navigate!), I really did enjoy working there. So I was wondering to myself. . . why is this so different?

I've got it! I'm not used to working for men!! I'm really not! It's been a long time since I've had a male boss (maybe working security at MBBC). These days I am surrounded on every side by these southern-accented bearded men! (At the risk that one of them blogs and would actually read this, I want to say that they were all wonderfully nice and helpful). Jeff, Terry, Jimmy, Shane, and Bill . . . what happened to my all-feminine world where Hila brought us iced coffee from Charlotte's and we all stood around talking about books and planning the next party for the bookstore? :) Almost all the customers were men, too, which would be expected at a seminary campus, I guess. I miss my girls! So, here is a little tribute to my old Blue Kangaroo days (okay so it's not great. . . at least it sort of rhymes).

Ode to Julie
Her desk was unruly
Her heels were always tapping
Her laughs were never lacking
She always treated me like kin.

Julie was always so generous
35% off she had given us
until my bookshelves were bursting
She never let us go thirsting
The fridge was stocked to the brim.

I need some more estrogen
in this world teeming with men
Julie, I whisper your name
*It just isn't the same!!*
My patience with the men wears thin!

P.S. Julie or Becky, print this out and put it on the fridge if you love me!


Steph said...

Girl- U so funny!
I'll be sure and check with Julie tomorrow night and see if she has seen this!

Anonymous said...

I knew I was good for something as your newest girly-friend in Louisville, heehee :) So when is our girls' night of tea and books going to be? Us girls need to stick together surrounded by all these boys!

brittany said...

I emailed Julie and told her to browse here.

I so hear you on the men. I worked w/ mostly men the year Paul and I dated and were first married. It's SUCH a different atmosphere!

Plus, ANY time w/ Julie and their fam is a good time. I've been saying that for YEARS! It's just taken some of you a long time to figure it out. It's nothing but laughs all the time, even in hard times, they find a way to laugh. They've helped me through some awful times, and still are. I LOVE them!

Julie said...

Gret , That was so sweet. I never has anyone write a poem about me. But you'd think with all the computer software out there you could find a way to make me skinny, tan , face lift, nose job well I better quit on that. I will definately print it and but it on the frig. I'm sure the "guys" won't get near as excited when the ups man shows up! Thanks miss you greatly!

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to not being surrounded by women in a few months. I love my wife and daughters, but I am looking forward to giving Christmas and birthday gifts that I want to play with. No more pink, purple, dresses, princess, hair clips, coloring books, doll, Dora, etc. for me. I can't wait for bat/ball, holster, hammer, toy car, three stooges, firetruck, etc. If I were Josh N., I would write a poem about it.

Gretchen said...

Julie, yeah, guess what? The UPS man is a girl! It's like opposite world here. And what we have delivered is never quite as exciting. :) No Webkinz or any thing. That reminds me, did we ever get Ganz?

Steph, thanks, I think she got it.

Grace, SOON!

Brit, you are so lucky.

Coach, I'll have to give Josh the idea. But he's pretty cool with both genders. :)

Anonymous said...

No kinz yet. I checked again today. She has THREE shipments coming and one of them was supposed to have been here Fri, or Mon at the latest...whatever. ugh! She's getting the "Love Puppy". L is so buying that one.


Steph said...

Miss Gretchen,
(This is from Elijah.) Mommy and I looked at my picture on your site (from the mission conference) We like the pictures of your new house. I miss you at church tonight. I am praying that God will protect your family. (these really are his words) Mommy and you have the same glasses (I am wearing my old ones and they kind of look like yours)
Everyone misses Miss Gretchen.
Bye Bye

Anonymous said...

You are so cute Gretchen!

Setrn said...

Gret, don't quite your day job! Hey, make sure you check out my site, I posted some video just for you! I thought you would be appreciate seeing the kids with the jump rope! I hope it doesn't make you homesick. We are praying for you. Any chance you would have any time for a visit from me and P & P if we stop on the way through there next month?? Email me and we can talk about it. setrn@Insightbb.com

Greaci said...

I'm sure you can handle a little extra testoterone in your life, after all you handled all of those boys downstairs!! As far as I'm concerned anyone who can do that can probably conquer the world. You might get a kick out of Addie's latest adventures on my blog. Pray for us as we try to actually try to learn something here during the day.

Gretchen said...

Brit -- what is the Love Puppy? Is that a new one for Valentine's Day?

Steph -- tell Elijah I miss him too! Thanks for the message.

San, thanks for the vids! And of COURSE we have time for a visit! I will e-mail you so we can plan it!

Staci -- children's testosterone is WAY different than adults'. I can handle a GYMNASIUM full of little boys before just a small gathering of adult men. But it's good. I am really enjoying myself.

Anonymous said...

Gret - crack me up. I love the "am I in opposite world" comment. (re: the UPS girl) Hilaaaarious. :)

Kevin Foflygen said...

So, "Jeff, Terry, Jimmy, Shane, and Bill" are nice... What am I? A jerk?!

Thanks for the props on my blog design. It took me forever to get it to show up right. (I can't believe I used the word 'props'. I might as well add a ;) while I'm at it.)