Friday, January 19, 2007

Tagged Again -- ABC's

I think I'm the very LAST one to do this, but here are my ABC's, Steph. (I changed a couple to make them a bit more me . . . :)

A- available or single? I think these 2 things are the same. So I will answer married, but we are very available for F-U-N right now! (Johanna, you better keep that visit promise!)

B-Best Friend: Joshy, of course. :)
C-cake or pie - PIES! Anybody go to my wedding?
D-drink of choice - I love beverages. At the top of my list is: Ice-cold water, hot tea, coffee and coffee drinks, Diet Coke, and every Fresca flavor. Okay, I'm getting thirsty.
E-essential item I use everyday- teapot. I put it on first thing every morning.

F-favorite color - REDDDDDDDDD!!!
G-gummy worms or gummy bears
okay, that is a waste of my favorite letter in the alphabet. Lets say favorite "G" names: Guinivere, Genivive, Gabriella, Gretel, Georgie,
H-hometown - currently, Louisville, Kentucky
I-Indulgence- flavored coffee creamers. MMMMMMMmmmmmmm! I'm a sucker for trying new kinds!
J-January or February - FEBRUARY (Valentines Day, I'll echo everyone else who's done this)
K-Kids and names - I'll envision my future children with this reply: Our eldest son is John Piper Neisler, his little sister is Elisabeth Elliot Neisler, and our baby is a precious little girl adopted from china named Mina Genivive Lucy Courage Guinivere Neisler :)
L-Life is incomplete without - a fresh, living relationship and daily encounters with my Precious Jesus!
M-Marriage date - June 2, 2001
N-Number of Siblings - five: older brother, Nate, younger sissys: Anna, Emily, Nancy and Abby
O-oranges or apples - both are good, but I eat apples more. No spending time to peel, and they are so delightful with some peanut butter.

P-phobias or fears - SCARY possums and battys!!!!AUGH!
Q-Favorite quote - Right now, it's my tag up top: "The Lord is my Home"
R-Reasons to smile - My little Schmader-cakes, children in my (former *gasp*) Sunday school and Wednesday night classes, reading the best parts of books
S-Season - SUMMER

T-tag three or four people - I think almost everyone has done this!! Maybe G-knee hasn't, and Miss Johannis, you're new at blogging, so here's something to write, and my new friend "Grace".
U-Unknown fact about me -I was the female champion freestyle dancer at the Pow Wow in 2005. This is very true. I got picked by the Native American male lead dancer and I got the most applause from the crowd when they held the feather fan over my head. And people put offerings down that I had to dance around. I tell you, that kind of dancing takes endurance. I now feel as thought I am a person who wins things. :)
V-Vegetables you don't like - I truly try to like and eat them all (V should be for Vegetarian!) but to be honest, I could pass over brussell sprouts, though with enough seasoning or sauce I bet I could force them down.
W-worst habit -- talking too much?
Y- your favorite food - where do I begin? The 3 a's: Asparagus, Artichokes and Avocados are near the top along with cheeses, breads, olives, pine nuts, dips and chips, scones, pies, and a variety of ethnic foods

Z-zodiac - Leo! I'm the Lion, which is a great animal. But I think Stevie McCurdy could tell you my Chinese Zodiac animal


Anonymous said...

That was great are a very fun and interesting person!

brittany said...

I had no idea you won the dance thing at the pow wow. How very cool. I'm not surprised you tried OR won. I took L one day to watch some of it. I'm not doing the abc thing. Too much info on the web for me. Sorry. But, it IS fun to read e/o's! We had L's b'day party last night. She got TONS of AG stuff and was so excited. We had to come home and watch the hair care DVD first thing. P&P were here so we didn't try anything yet. I'll let you know how it goes, though.

Anonymous said...

For the record, you're not the last one to receive that--I still haven't done one, but I'm sure having fun reading the ABC's of others! :)

mitchells2000 said...

Gretchen - you're SO funny! Your little baby's name surely is a mouthful! She'll hate it when she has to write her full name in Kindergarten and it takes her 4 hours just to write it once! :-)

Gretchen said...

Sara, that means a lot, coming from you, the most interesting of persons. . .

Brit, no problem, I tagged someone else instead. I try not to do things to draw attention to your blog. But I thought you would have some interesting things to put!

Grace, You're tagged now!

Heather, I plan on homeschooling, so my kids will have no clue whether their name is weird or not. I knew a girl in a play whose parents had a naming ceremony for her when she turned 10 or something and she had like nine names. She went by "Iggy" which was short for Ignatius. And her parents never named her sister, so she went by "Sissy". Those are the weirdest names I know. And I was pretty much joking about my kids names, though I do like them all fairly well. Did you think our boy and girl had interesting first and middle names?

brittany said...

I'll do the abc thing but leave out the obvious answers.

I actually went to that naming ceremony. It was way back in the woods and we followed a bag piper who played while walking down the trail! Then she and her mom and the bag piper stood on this little island in the middle of a stream and the mom read some things (like poetry) and they announced her name. It was rediculous. They actually called her "Iggy" before the naming ceremony. She was about 5 at the time and "Sissy" (who was called "Baby" then, who....was a baby! ha!) was a baby. I went out of curiosity. I was pg w/ L at the time. There were about 20 people there.
L made 5 baskets this morning. B got the blue star which is (in her words) for "best ever"! (or for real..."best EFFORT") I think they were stretching that quite a bit, as she did more cheering and looking into the audience w/ her hands on her hips. Oh well.
Samantha's had her hair done at least a dozen times since last night...

Gretchen said...

Brit, how do you know them?? Robin Romack, right? And Iggy and Sissy? They were in DLO things with me.

Anonymous said...

Yea Gret
You are so funny girl - I love the kids names! JPip and Lizzie Ellie plus I love the idea of adopting from China - let's do that at the same time since I will be TOTALLY fearful of flying to China. I would love to get a daughter that way! Oh and guess what, I realized that as I am typing this I am signed in as my mom and Dad - so Stephanie wants to adopt NOT John and Shawn! :) I've been trying to teach mom how to sign in and I forget to switch over to me.

Anonymous said...

We made it to Jackson, TN last night. I think that was quite south of the Icy weather line.

It was so much fun to see you guys yesterday. Your place is so cool! It is amazing how well it all turned out.

Thanks for being such a great friend!

brittany said...

Yep, would there be any other people than them? ha! I know them because when I was working, Robin came in and watered the plants once a week. It was usually at the end of the day and so we'd chat. She's very nice. She'd bring her girls in with her and leave the baby in her infant seat by the back door, all alone, while she went around the building! We were mortified.

Gretchen said...

Steph, okay, I was like "SHAWN wants to adopt more kids??" Good to have that cleared up. And I have to admit, when I got my first comment from "Nana and Grandad" I thought it was the T-Bros! Guess who I saw at church Wednesday night? Do you remember Josh Waltz from MBBC? He was my comp I teacher. The 3 of us talked for like an hour!

Christen, so glad you got there safely. We only wish we could have had you longer! You guys would love the church we visited. The missionary speaking this Wednesday is in Brazil!

Brit, she is nice. I always thought she was fun. Misty works with her at the HS.