Monday, January 29, 2007

A Stick in the Mud

Heather tagged me to tell 5 unique things about myself. I honestly don't think I could POSSIBLY think of 5 things that everybody doesn't already know. I have zero claims to fame (minus the Pow-Wow Freestyle Dance Champion, which I already shared about in my last tag), and I try not to say about myself "I'm the kind of person who. . . "

Because I don't matter! My last 2 posts were all about struggling with pride, so I hope it's okay with everybody if I change up the tag and simply tell 5 untold things that interest me greatly.

1. I really LOVE the children's curriculum put out by
Children Desiring God. My favori
te one that I've used so far is the ABC's of God. If any of my readers work with children, I cannot tell you how AMAZING this curriculum is. It is so God-centered, and God honoring. Please check out their website. I have used their material for Sunday School, Midweek service, children's church and VBS. It's all great.

2. My grandmother killed a
copperhead snake when she was 3. She was a little farm girl and it was her job to guard the chickens and she hacked it up with a shovel. She didn't know what kind it was. I think she's so cool! I'd like to write a children's book about little Helen someday.

3. I am pretty much completely vegetarian. I'll go for a little seafood sometimes, or if good friends make something special, I'm up for trying. I do this because I am trying to be healthy, save money and besides, I don't really like meat very much. But I LOVE veggies!

4. Last night on Masterpieces Theater, there was the best new version of Jane Eyre. WOW! It was excellent! I'll have to look into buying that one, so I can watch it with a good picture and pause its 5 hour span to use the restroom. :)

5. Capture the Flag is the most fun summer-time game ever. Last summer at Camp OUTT, we played it constantly, and once it was the leaders vs. the kids. HA HA!! Remember that, Mandy? Johanna, were you there? Six adults against a million kids of all ages and sizes. We WON the 2nd time! So fun!


Anonymous said...

And you're so nice, you'll eat chili (i.e. spicy ground beef) and not tell me you don't eat beef until AFTER the fact :)

Hindto said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ABC's of God! We (our church) use Desiring God Childrens curriculum as well and just love it! For our homeschool co-op we used the ABC's of God for the pre-k program last year!

Oh, good stuff!

Anonymous said...

I also love the Desiring God series for children. That is what I am using in my children's church

grammy said...

how is josh doing in school? tell him hello for us. we sure miss you two. glad you got the job so quickly. the Lord is good. Anna and Bob were at Calvary Sunday. Made me miss you even more. I know you'll make a truck load of friends right away. Love Grammy Reese

Anonymous said...

Now you tell me!!! I just ordered the RBPress curriculum for our Children's church....Oh well-it is good too...maybe next year we will try your curriculum- I bookmarked the web page and will look at it more later.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...the link to my blog that you put in this post doesn't work...?

Do you guys want to do something for Superbowl Sunday??? I thought I'd see if you and Josh have plans yet or not~

Anonymous said...

qI totally think you should write stories about Gram. They would be so awesome! I Love her so much and have always wanted to be just like her. I think writing books about her would be so great!

your fav girl cousin on your mom's side!

mitchells2000 said...

Gretchen... leave it to you to change things up (not that any of us mind at all.) I think you would be awesome at writing; you are such a creative thinker. I'm also glad that you found a good friend here. I know it means a huge deal when you are moving somewhere totally new and don't know anyone.
BTW, can you call me and give me Andrea's # or have her call me next time you talk. I would appreciate it!

Steph said...

I like your five things. It is hard to do five things when you are as open as we are! :)
I thought some MBBC roomie stuff would be fun - like did you ever "borrow" from a roommate and forget to ask first. Or did any roomie do that to you? No incriminating stories, just funny things now that we are this far out (ten years for me this year!)

GloryandGrace said...

Girls day out on Saturday??

And how about Superbowl Sunday?

Triplets said...

I must say that Red Rover at the Star's Annual Balloon Party and Underground Church are up there in the rankings too!

Gretchen said...

Grace, I'm not that nice -- I told you later! And I think on Saturday I MIGHT be driving to Illinois to see all the little children I love there play basketball. But YES for Sunday

hindto -- I'm so glad you love it too! Have you used others of their curriculums?

Rach -- I know! I would love to write about darling little Gram. I have a really cool idea for an image on the back page. A quilt with cool stuff from her life.

Heather, I will let Andrea know. I haven't seen her in a few days, because I know she works constantly and being a newlywed, she and Jason love to just be together in the evenings.

Steph, I couldn't honestly think of anything about me that the majority of you guys didn't already know. I hold no hidden talents, and have so secrets. Thanks for the encouragement!

Jen -- Sure, if you like broken arms! That's what Red Rover gets you! Underground Church, now that's a good game. Basically, a way to get REALLY scared while at church. It still lives in infamy! Did you know the kids in the youth group still play it constantly?

Stephanie K. said...

Gret- I KNEW you would be the only other person in the world that would get that I LOVED the new version of Jane Eyre! It even caused me to get out my copy of the book and start to reread it. Go Jane!