Friday, January 09, 2009

My post on Genderblog!

Hey, friends, check out my post I wrote for the CBMW blog, called "Genderblog". You can find my post on books for girls (from yesterday) by clicking here. Please give the editors feedback if you have anything to say about the post -- I would really appreciate it, and so would they! Thanks so much for checking it out!

In connection with this, I'm adding a link to the post I put up in the fall of '07, when I wrote about recommended books for girls. I wrote the post for CBMW from that lengthy article. Here is the full-length version (for Elaine, I hope it helps).


Sizzledowski said...

I sent the link to some friends on my messageboard. One girl asked if you might know something about this:

"Could you maybe ask her if she knows anything about the "Beautiful Girlhood Collection" of recommended books?"

Gretchen said...


Those are really good, and FOR SURE complimentarian. I have not read them (or many of them), but the only thing I would say they might lack is the excellent kind of genius writing I've found with other writers.

homebutnotalone said...

Gretchen - I followed the link and sent a review but I highlighted what I think is a problem. I'm finding it hard to source good books for younger girls.

My daughter is 6, willing to learn and has a heart for the things of God. So many of the books I find are geared to older girls nearing teen age. If you have the time I would love to hear of any recommendations for younger children. I'm looking for broad categories but including modesty, home-making and generally Living for Christ in a fallen world.

We know of the Railway children book - and I've taken on board the other suggestion. Thanks.

Gretchen said...


I sent a reply to you on your blog!

Anonymous said...

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