Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Adventure

We thought we moved to the south. But amazingly enough, the sort of storm that came through Kentucky on Monday night is much worse than the sort I've seen living in all the northern states I've lived in, including Montana and Wisconsin! Clearly, we didn't get FEET of snow, but the amount of ice and sleet we got over the next couple days were enough to knock out the power of hundreds of thousands of people!

Including us.

I kept thinking about last fall and the power
outage we had then, and the lessons I learned in the dark. It's different this time, because it's scarier and COLD, and whole trees are still breaking because of the ice and wind. The fierceness of the stark cold outdoors reminds me of Narnia frozen by the White Witch's spell.

But I am also reminded of the awesome power of God. Here are a few pictures Josh took one morning after he walked me to work (this is before the power went out).

I also had a battle in my heart being envious of others who got days off work and school, sitting at home in their warm homes. Doesn't winter weather make you such a homebody? But I had to battle against that familiar sin, once again, remembering my rich blessings in Christ and cherishing the warm evening at home with Josh making cookies, watching a movie and watching the snow fall. Give me the grace to be content, Lord!

*** Edit: Power came back Sunday evening! We are moved back home, and I've gone back to work! It's amazing how nice it is to get back to routine. That tree in the picture above is now green and standing straight up. Louisville weather is so weird.


sara's art house said...

Pretty pictures! Thanks for the reminder again to remember the blessings in Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Gretchen, it is now like the part on the Narnia movie (that's not in the book) where they are trying to cross the river and the ice is melting, and everything is green. :) I kind of like blizzard-y snow-y weather where you can coil up in a chair and read, but then as it drags on I just think, "MAN! I wish I could be outside having a picnic, or going to the beach"....winter is NOT my fav. :/ Farmers Almanac said we'd have 30 days of snow this year, and it has been right so far.!


Gretchen said...

Anna -- farmers are always right. The southern groundhog said on Monday early spring -- so I'm claiming him. Let's hope that little rat is right! :)

Fran R. said...

Glad you and Josh made it thru the storm. Things do look different in the cold, with ice hanging everywhere. PTL for lights, especially the light of the Christian in others lives. Christians like you and Josh. Hope you are feeling good. Love Fran