Monday, January 05, 2009

New Years Goals

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity -- going back to work, and lots of celebrations and gatherings in the evenings and weekends, so I've just now begun to think through my goals for the new year. I finished off 2008 with relative ease and simplicity, allowing myself more sleep and ease than normal, and I think it's time I considered a few goals for 2009, to try to keep myself on track! Here is what I've come up with:

1. Thoughtfully reading through the New Testament (not straight through, but alternating epistles and narratives), reading the Psalm of the Day and spending time meditating and journaling for my daily Spiritual Discipline. I've decided not to try to do the whole Bible this year, but I think I still need some structure and an overall goal. If I finish the New Testament early, then I'll consider what to do next.

2. Choosing Carefully what books I want to read. I think I will have less time for reading as a whole this year, so I want to be very purposeful about what I read. I've just started making my list, and I'm including some parenting/child care books in there. I'm woefully behind in that category! Keeping in mind that I'm a new mom, are there any books you'd say are essential for me to read in that category?

3. Blogging once a week minimum. I've been bad about forgetting to post, or being too lazy to put together a whole idea into a post. Partly it's because I haven't read as much in the past months, so I have fewer books to write about.

4. Exersizing as often as my daily schedule allows. I know I'm too busy to find time every day, but I do really want to plan to go to the pool or for a walk as often as I can find time. Now that I'm feeling better, I've REALLY enjoyed excercising!

That's pretty much it! I know that this year is going to be full of changes and learning new things and adjusting a LOT, so I don't want to burden myself with huge goals that I'll never be able to meet. But I think these should help me keep things balanced, and not just clicking around on Facebook aimlessly. :)

Do you have goals for 2009 that you'd like to share?


Rebecca said...

Gretchen...two books I can think of off the top of my head....Becoming a Woman after God's Own Heart (Elizabeth George?) And Praying for Your Children (Stormie Omartian).
Best Wishes!!

Anonymous said...

My top book would have to be Successful Christian Parenting by John MacArthur - I read it before I had each of my children and really you just want to read it again and again.

I'd also put Ginger Plowman's Don't make me count to three high on my list but you're probably not thinking about that stage yet :-)

BTW I'm on facebook - feel free to add me as a friend.

jillybean said...

Gret, I just have to say it, but I would really recommend reading "Babywise" by the Ezzo's. Whether you are a schedule person or not, there is a lot of really practical information that just helped me to have a framework from the beginning. I know some people are really averse to the mention of "Babywise", but I think all things in moderation is key. I feel like the principles found there have helped tremendously in the beginning stages.

Gretchen said...

Thanks for the suggestions, girls! Jill, I want you to know that I am NOT opposed to a schedule. I KNOW I'm going to need to do that, especially since I'll be going back to work!

Elaine, I know both of those books. Ginger Plowman's stuff is REALLY popular at our bookstore. I'll have to keep her in mind a touch down the road. :) BTW -- I don't think I know your last name, so it might be hard to find you on Facebook! My last name is Neisler.

Anonymous said...

Gretchen just remembered today that that MacArthur book is called something different now - without googling I think it's 'what the Bible says about parenting" but I reckon you would know that anyway!!