Monday, January 12, 2009

My Prayer for Jill

This morning I read Psalm 42 and penned this prayer for my dear friend Jill who recently had a miscarriage. It's my prayer for my other sisters in Christ who are hurting, whose hopes have been deferred.

"Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me?
Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him, my salvation and my God."

May she preach to her own soul and find hope in th
e gospel. Give her hope in You, her Rock.

"all your breakers and your waves have gone over me."

May unspeakable peace come over her like a wave of the ocean. Surround her on every side with your love and faithfulness.

"By day the Lord commands his steadfast love
and at night His song is with me, a prayer to the God of my life."

May she be upheld by Your steadfast love all day, and may you give her Your song in the night. Sing over her with salvation. Renew her heart day by day with the blessed knowledge of your forgiveness and promised hope for the future.

Love you, friend.


jillybean said...

Thank you for your prayer for me!

Elizabeth said...

Miscarriages are devastating. I'll be remembering your friend in my prayers. But, God is good! Speaking from my experience, He will use even this sorrowful time in a woman's life to grow her.

Hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

so very thoughtful and sweet. i too have had a heavy heart for Jill.
p.s. is that misty ferguson in the pic with you and jill? -sioby bullock

Gretchen said...

sioby, Yes! I got together with the 2 of them last weekend. It was great.

James and Christen said...

I had read her blog when she was at 6 weeks and I felt so burdened for her. I will continue to pray. I am so thankful she has people in her life like you, who can point her to the comfort of our Lord and Brittany who can say, "I KNOW" how you feel.

God is so good in who He places in our paths.

Love and miss you. Hope you are feeling better soon!!!! I want to see a picture of you and how you are growing!

Fran R. said...

So sorry to hear of Jill and Greg's sadness. On Sept. 3, 1973, I too suffered a miscarriage. Some things you just never forget; but God is good. Sandy was born on August 18, 1974. Praise the Lord for our Sandy. Phil 4:13.