Monday, January 26, 2009

Saving Money

So three weeks into this coupon-clipping thing and tonight I actually felt like it was worth it! You old pros will scoff at my minor savings, but in my book it was substantial enough to make it worth it. We actually got Diet Coke and kept the grocery spending under my limit! I actually figured in my head almost EXACTLY what it was going to cost before we went to the store. I showed Josh my reciept and my list with my estimated total and it was the same!

Here we are in the dairy section of Meijer:

Me: "Ooooooooooooh, I KNEW it! All the Sargento cheese is gone. It was too good of a deal." (it was on sale plus I had a coupon).

Josh: refuses to accept it's all gone. Scavenges through all the cheeses laying haphazardly in the case while I vainly reread the sale ad. "What about this? Does this count? Here's 8 oz Mozzerella."

Me: "You're my hero! YES! That counts! Okay, we need another one, because the coupon is good on 2."

We are eventually successful because a reduced fat bag has been ignored by the early-shopping hyenas because of it's lack of sale tag. HAHA! It's ours!

Here's the thing about the coupon thing. There are only 2 of us and our apartment is tiny. So there IS a limit to how much this can help, because buying in bulk is mostly unhelpful to us. If I were feeding 8 kids, then the amount I COULD spend would be huge, and the amount I COULD save would be far more. So maybe if I learn how to do this a little better, someday it will be even more useful.

Anyway, this is not about to become one of those blogs that lists all the sale prices and coupons for every grocery store in the area (others do that well and I certainly would not). HOWEVER, I do want to point out a new blog I've linked to on my sidebar, hikingfool. My friend Jason pointed his blog out, and he does a good job of pulling together lots of savings blogs in a sort of streamlined way (maybe because he's a guy, I don't know). So thanks, hikingfool, for doing some of the groundwork for me, and saving me the time I don't have surfing through all the sites I don't have time to read to pass along the best.


sara's art house said...

Good job, Gret! You are a good wife :)

Mandy said...

Cracking me up...picturing you guys at Meijer's, conversing about finding the cheese! I love it! Isn't Meijer's fab?

Anonymous said...

haha! Gretchen, I DREAM of being that meticulous while shopping..if I may reneact MY shopping trip. . . Anna driving home from work, "hmm..what about eating tonight?". . .finds a crumpled up bill in pocket. . ."I guess I'll buy a couple things". . .aimlessly wandering the aisles stomach growling. . .Anna gets home says to Bob. . ."I KNOW we didn't need powdered donuts and chocolate milk and". . . .do we have any canned soup in the cabinet?"


Gretchen said...

Mandy, I do love Meijer. We have to go to Indiana to get to the closest one, which is a hard call when I'm passing all the closer stores, but worth it when the sales are good!

Anna, I laughed OUT LOUD when I read your comment! HAHAHA! Dude, I could scarf a few powdered sugar donuts and chocolate milk right now! Thank goodness we DIDN'T buy any last night!

Sarah said...

I don't have the time to list out all of my deals either. I think about it once in awhile and quickly give up the thought. I will just be proud in my heart. :-)

Coupons are the best you have Kroger around you? They double your coupons, so you can get some killer deals. I just got Johnson toddler wash for $.29 due to clearance pricing and doubled coupons! Woo hoo!

And OH MY WORD, Anna....killing me here. :-)

Gretchen said...

Sar -- yes, we have Kroger, but Meijer is usually a little cheaper. Meijer doubles coupons too. I just look at both ads and decide which one looks better. If in doubt, go to Aldi. :) Guaranteed low prices even without coupons. Yay for the toddler wash deal! Do you do CVS or Walgreen's deals, too? They give you the "bucks" when you buy certain things. If this snow ever lets up, I'm hoping to go get some steals on diapers.

Karen said...

You are hilarious Gret. How fun to have your hubby shop with you . I can't remember the lst time that happened to me!

Rebecca said...

Gretchen, Cliff & I are the same way! I give up and he goes on the hunt and usually succesfully too. Now if I can't find it right away I send him on the mission...Every $$ counts!!

Jeremiah said...

Hey Gretchen,

No problem! Glad you were able to get the cheese deal at Meijer. Just another quick tip that if they are out of a item that is on-sale, just go to the customer service desk and ask for a rain check. This way you can come back after the sale is over when it is back in stock and still get the sale price! The rain checks are good for 1 month and a limit of 12 items (at least at Meijer).

Also they could be out of just one of the items on sale (say shredded chedder cheese) and you can still get the rain check even though they still had other types of cheeses in stock of that brand.

Looking forward to checking out your blog, since I am also am a book worm!

God bless,

Charity Grace said...

I love a bargain! It's always a wonderful feeling to get what we need for a whole lot less than full price.