Friday, November 02, 2007

Early Christmas!

Working at a bookstore always has its perks. When I was at the Blue Kangaroo, there were the boxes of advanced readers to sift through. Now it's Zondervan Bible training. Everyone who works at the store has the opportunity to complete the training and be eligible for $100 in free merchandise, any Bible (up to $70) and a couple other free items. My box of goodies arrived today!

I had sort of forgotten what I'd ordered, so it was sort of like a Christmas surprise for us. I won't list everything here, because some things are meant to be for presents, but I will show the spe
cial book I ordered for myself, the crown jewel of the box!

I found Christian Tradition in English Literature in one of the catalogs that our New Academic buyers' catalogs (so glad for those, since I was at a loss for what to get, at first) This book will undoubtedly become the inspiration for further blog posts.


Sara Mincy said...

You do work in a fun place! I know you must add such a sparkle to your bookstore, Gretchen- and so knowledgeable about the merchandise....wish I could be a shopper! Have fun reading your new stuff.

James and Christen said...

What a special blessing. God is so good to always send us more than we need or even deserve. I am glad you were able to be blessed with books this week.


Morning Rose said...

It felt like an early Christmas gift when your box of books arrived a few weeks ago. It made me want to work in the book business to get free books. The hardest part must be choosing the free books. :)

Anonymous said...

no kidding Gretchen, all I get are free flu shots. :) ha ha
But thanks for the great books last week!