Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reading to Cede

My little niece has grown so much. I was thrilled to see how much she loves books. I got her to warm up to me by reading over and over this huge art board book she has. She is so smart, too! She kept pointing at the big colorful capital letters and counting "two three two three two THREE!" It was like she recognized you make words from the symbols (and letters and numbers are awfully similar). So fascinating. On Thanksgiving, we all took turns reading Where's Spot? to her over and over. Here are some precious pictures!


Emily said...

These are like, so awesome!
I'm stealing them!

Morning Rose said...

That's great your niece has so many people to read to her. When my younger son was in the church nursery, he would have the nursery workers read to him the entire hour. My boys still love having me read aloud to them, especially at night before bed. :)

Anonymous said...

My fvaorite CEDE reading skill is when she sees her gramommy Bible and says BIBLE!!!! DAD

Anonymous said...

Look at those Babies Emily and Abby reading to the BABY :) :) :) Sorry, the cute little tops of heads, and parts in the hair! They used to be so little and asking us to read to them! ! ! ! :) Now, could anyone possibly say that Cede is not going to be the most gorgeous girl in the world? :)