Sunday, November 11, 2007

Reformation Events (finally)

***I apologize for the delay . . .

We had quite a lovely evening at my first ever Reformation Party at our church. Josh dressed as a monk, and I as a peasant girl. We studied the life of Martin Bucer, who was a Reformer who balanced between Luther and Calvin, but is from the Reformed tradition. Our church is blessed to have a Seminary Professor on hand to play the part of the Reformer each year. Dr. Wright who teaches Church History at SBTS, and is the father of 5 boys, did an outstanding job teaching the kids about the Reformation in the weeks leading up to our event. I was blown away to see how much the children knew about these issues! They have been well taught over the years.

After our opening song (The "Reformation Polka"),
and a few words from the gracious Martin Bucer, Josh led a team of kids around to the various booths, while I manned the jousting booth, which was a great deal of fun for all those who conquered there. Here is a great action shot of the "jousters" fighting with their pillows while staying balanced on the line of tape. I wish I had a photo of the littlest kids fighting -- it was the cutest ever! As you can imagine, the leaders also got involved, each challenging the other to a duel.

Here is our own Leo the tenth in a friendly moment with Martin Bucer. The Pope is always played by our children's director, Ryan Townsend (working for him is part of my Seminary education . . . I'm learning so much!). Not sure how much of those costumes are really period, but when you own doctoral robes, you need to pull those out to complete your "reformer/scholar" look.

Apparently an exciting moment of the evening is the big arrest. The teams were to vote for any one person (child or adult) to put in jail. Our jai
lers did a great job making a huge scene and announcing the imprisonment of those foolish enough to refuse to bow the knee to Rome. They made up funny reasons for our arrests (including "for being too nice" about a little 7-year-old girl, Emmi). You may have guessed that of course, I was arrested "for overdramatization". I gave a huge display as they dragged me forward, wailing on my knees and begging for mercy. You really can't arrest someone for that and not expect a reaction. Sadly, even though I put on a great deal of entertainment, that moment was not captured on film. Here is a picture of the moment the jailer's announced my arrest -- I love the looks on Bobbie and Bethan's faces (the 2 little girls) -- the shock! I'm pretty sure I alarmed several of the littler kids, who were apprehensive of the jail already -- sorry. So I was toted away to the jail (which is very real looking) along with several little girls, my friend Annie, and Martin Bucer. When kind Mrs. Bucer (Gretchen Wright) took pity on us and brought us some food to the jail, the girls and I made a break for it. This is clearly what is fun about being arrested -- plus I think it was all somehow pre-arranged.

As you can imagine, it was all a great deal of fun, rather like being in a play. Josh and I couldn't get over how cute all the kids were in their medieval attire. This group picture is one of my favorites. I love the boy-boyish costumes contrasted to by the 2 little princesses. These kids cracked me up! (of course I gave them all an opportunity to joust). My friend Sarah Abersold is the leader of the little princesses here -- she reminds me so much of Emily Becker. I love that girl.

I can't wait until Reformation Day next year! This last picture is of me with my friend
Annie Meade. She is the brains behind the operation, and I was the lucky one who got to help!


Sara Mincy said...

OHH great fun!!!! I love the jousting idea- I need to get my boys doing that when they have the extra energy!

Great costumes, I must say you and Josh look the part :) Thanks for sharing the pictures with us, Gret!

Wish I could see a video of when you were arrested!

Anonymous said...

Gretchen, you guys look so cute!!! You remind me of when you were in your plays at Maranatha. :) Josh too, how funny a monk! :) It definitely is so neat how everyone got into it, not just a few people.
I can't wait to visit, but it will probably be when Emily is there.;)


Anonymous said...

p.s. your hair looks really good in the top picture, did you color it?


Gretchen said...

Sar -- thanks! jousting was great fun, you'll have to try it!

Anna -- Josh had a better Monk costume but he (kindly) passed it on to another guy who was too tall for that one. I thought it was great. I can't wait for you to visit, either. Did Emily talk to you about Saturday and shopping?
And, no, I did not color my hair. I probably played with the color on the picture. I DID get my haircut recently. Maybe I will put up a picture.