Saturday, November 17, 2007

Feeling Creative

Last night I went with my friend Annie out on a bit of a creative binge. We were feeling pretty inspired to make gifts and decor and seasonal things. I needed to put together 4 little similar gifts for the Pendergraph Christmas Exchange Party. You can make, bake or buy your items, and package them to make them appealing. After a stop at Hancock and Michaels, Annie and I found our way to the much beloved Half-Priced Books. We are two peas in a pod in that place -- what a blessing! We stayed until close, and we both made fantastic discoveries! Clearly the camera could not contain all the goodies we unloaded.

For my 4 gifts, I made mini-children's libraries. They each have 3 books for different ages and 3 vintage bookplates. I found some great stuff, including The Railway Children, Meet Addy (with the original illustrations), and Peter Pan. Here's a picture of one of them I really like:

Here's another one:

I still need to add some little tags or something, but I think they loo
k really cute! Wouldn't you pick one of my gifts??

I put some pretty Martha Stewart paper up in our little built-in bookshelf (actually it was a little while back, but without
a camera, I couldn't show the pictures). Sara Mincy inspired me to add some color by putting up pretty paper! Here's a full length view followed by a close-up:

Finally, I wanted an a
utumn wreath on my door since all my decorations are in storage at my parent's house in Illinois. So I found these gorgeous velvet flowering branches for 90% off and made a wreath out of them. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.


Sara Mincy said...

You creative girl!!! Love the presents- I would for sure pick one :) And the paper in the bookshelf turned out fabulous!!! I love MS paper. I think it makes a huge difference to that little shelf- from plain to a WOW- statement! (even tho I did not see a before picture!)

Great post, Gret!

Morning Rose said...

I would pick one too. We love books!

Anonymous said...

Your gifts look wonderful and the wreath is very striking! You have a great eye for these things! What a fun Friday night! :)

James and Christen said...

I love your gift bags and would definitely pick yours!

The paper and wreath are great! Thanks for inspiring the rest of us!