Thursday, November 01, 2007

I was in Strassbourg during the Reformation

Just a little teaser here. . .

I hope to put up lots more, but I am dependent on people who have unbroken cameras to e-mail me their pictures!

We were blessed with an excellent night at our Reformation Party last night! Lots of crazy, chaotic fun, wild costumes, arrests, escapes, jousting . . . makes me wish it weren't over! Josh and I topped off the festivities with a party at our friend Kevin and Micah's house where we watched the movie Luther and listened to Kevin read (some of) the 95 Theses aloud.

In all seriousness, a splashy, uproarous celebration like this made me consider and become more thankful for my Reformed faith. I am so thankful to live where I can easily read the Bible in my language, and freely enjoy my protestant faith. Let's not forget those brave reformers who took a stand and risked so much for the truths we hold dear!


GloryandGrace said...

Oh, had you ever seen it before?? Probably one of my favorite movies EVER!

Anonymous said...

Gretchen, sounds so fun! I am sorry that your camera is broken!:(
I am sorry. I can't wait to show you pictures of the Switch. I MEAN cute little Lydia dressed up like TINKERBELL!!!, and Brookelynn Powell I MEAN Mulan with buns on her head. STEVIE was SHERLOCK HOLMES!!!!!!!!!! WITH A CAPE!!!! OH MY! You would have died. :) Okay, too bad I can't send you my pictures somehow. Someone will have to show me how to download them. :)


Emily said...

I promise I'll post pictures of the Switch as soon as I have five minutes to spare. I have some REALLY cute ones of all of the babies!
I'm jealous of your party it looks like such fun!

Anonymous said...

OOooo and lets not FORGET MERCEDES in her Black ballarina outfit, black shinys, and glittery butterfly wings!!!! WITH ANTENNAS!
There is nothing more to say.


Gretchen said...

Grace -- yes, Josh and I have seen it, but a bunch of people at the party had not, so no commentarying was allowed. :)

Anna -- do you have a digital camera? It is not hard to upload them. I should get some pictures tomorrow, because my friend Annie is giving me a disk with all the party pictures on it.

Emma -- you would die over the party. It's hard to top the theme, really. And since they do it every year, people go ALL OUT with costumes and stuff. I kept getting compliments on your dress, and of course I gave you credit!

Name: Karen said...

Yes, of my fav's in movies. What a fun night!