Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Taylors are here!

Phil and Mary Ruth, James and Christen -- here's a little update for you!

We are having great fun with our dear friends this weekend. Here Sharon and I are about to dive into our delicious food at Ray Parella's (where Josh works). This is our tradition when people come to visit, to take them to Parella's for a yummy supper. That way Josh sort of hangs out with us while he's working and we get a discount! In the next picture, Josh pauses from his waitorial duties to have a look at the baby fussing (he was mostly very good, though).

David and Sharon have a VERY cute 2-month old baby, Gabriel. He has been great. I love this picture here where he is looking at the camera like he's casually smirking. Ha ha! I took a bunch of these from different angles, and he kept looking at the camera. So cute! A poser already -- just like his cousin Daniel!

This morning Da
vid put Gabriel in the bed all tucked with the sheet around him and he loved it. It was so cute! He actually laughed out loud! (I remember trying this with my cats and they hated it. So I guess I was surprised babies like it!)

We know we are so blessed to spend time with precious friends. Here's a p
icture of David learning a song we'd sung in the morning service so that he could play it for our small group Sunday night. God has given David and Sharon a passion for Himself, and a zeal to follow hard after Him. They are eager to get to Brazil -- hopefully by this spring. If you are reading this post, would you please pray in that direction for them?

Other Taylors -- we missed having you with us! I'm sure this branch of the Taylor fam will be heading that way pretty soon!


Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to have David & Sharon at small groups! I really appreciated their insights in the discussion and David playing guitar. Gabriel is a delightful little boy indeed! God bless you Taylors in your ministry in Brazil! We are praying that many will magnify the Lord because of your ministry of the Gospel there. ~annie

James and Christen said...

We so wish we could have been there. Thanks for all the pictures and the update on the visit.
God is so good to allow us to have time with special friends.
I can't wait to hear the new song! I bet they loved your church.


Emily said...

awww that is so much fun!
Check out my newest blog post! Plus you have to look at the darling pictures of cede on my myspace.

David and Sharon said...

Josh and Gret,

Thank you so much for your hospitality and friendship. We are truly grateful for you and your commitment to Christ and the gospel. Thanks for sharing your own bedroom with us. This was helpful for Gabriel and yet a sacrifice on your part! We owe you one. We look forward to potential future visits!